Chain Mesh Fencing Perth, Cyclone Fencing & Security Fencing

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Chain Mesh Fencing Perth

The most common causes of broken barbed wire fences are people cutting the barbs to jump the fence. We can repair any length of damaged barbed wire fencing quickly, restoring your fence back to new. In addition, we also perform repairs and maintenance on all security fences and gates. Whether it’s a small or large job our repair crew will rapidly respond to any client call-outs. Our focus is to re-secure your property and minimise any risk that can be caused by a forced entry or heavy vehicle damage.

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We can supply & install a chainmesh fence to suit your needs whether it be 900mm high & a few metres long, 1800mm high with 3 rows of barb several kilometres long or an internal fence 5-6 metres high. You have a choice of either galvanized, pvc coated mesh or powder coating in black or green.

Wire Fence(

We can match any dog and any property to the perfect fit to ensure long term trouble-free Pet Containment. Call us now on to be connected to your nearest branch or get a quote online. If you have any questions about hire or sales of temporary and portable fencing, email our team on for a quick response. 1300TempFence temporary fencing systems fully conform to all government and local council legislation requirements. 1300TempFence is proud to be Australia’s preferred specialist in temporary fence hire and sales. Offering unrivalled next day delivery and high-quality portable fencing systems, our customers can get every job done faster and more safely. At JM Fencing, we’re proudly a leading fencing contractor in Perth.

As a sign of confidence in our work and abilities, every job that we complete comes with a two-year quality guarantee. The Colourbond™ products that we supply are backed by a Bluescopes 10-year warranty. One of the practical reasons to install fencing is the fact that it clearly demarcates the perimeter around your property. It identifies which space is yours and is extremely helpful in scenarios where there is open farmland.

M00820 Fine Woven Wire Mesh Per Metre: 2 2mm Openings

Our specialists can install it on your property quickly and professionally. We also do installations in Bunbury and Perth, and offer a number of relevant services. It is easy to move and rebuild in another location as a temporary fence option. As a bonus, all chain link fences installed by TWF are recyclable and have minimal impact on the environment.

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All gates come supplied with a locking system, excluding hinges which are dependant on post type and size. WestAus Fencing supplies and installs security chain mesh fencing throughout Perth, Western Australia. Security chain mesh fencing can be used for a variety of purposes from storage facilities to sporting grounds.

From locally-made custom fabrication to stylish imported, lightweight steel gates with exacting details, our experienced team can help turn your ideas into a reality. Whether it’s simple, contemporary styling you are looking for, or scrolls and even hand-cut lettering included in the design, Right Metal Fencing can make it happen. Available in standard height of 2400mm , our palisade fencing includes compatible fence and gate posts, rails, pales, footings and fixings. Palisade pales are secured to the rails utilising an anti-tamper fixing. Palisade can also be complemented with a range of topping options including razor tape and electric fence extensions to increase the level of security.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Chain Link Fence

Furthermore, chain mesh doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. One of the best features about chain mesh fencing is its lightweight construction makes it the perfect companion for sliding or swing gates. If your fence is close against a wall or other permanent fixture then a sliding gate might be the best solution. CAI Fences are one of the few fencing companies that manufacture our own chain wire to high quality Australian standards and can customise chain wire fencing to any requirements. Our chain wire fencing is highly durable and requires minimal maintenance. Adding one or any number of security features to chain wire fencing makes this fencing system a highly effective and cost effective security fencing solution.

  • Fence posts and rails are made from galvanised pipe cut to length to suit the overall fence specifications.
  • Australian Steel and Wire is ISO 9001 accredited and the products we supply are manufactured to Australian Standards.
  • We earlier gave the chain link fence installation cost per meter.
  • Chain mesh fencing can be made to any size specifications and adaptable to barbwire and electrical fence systems.

All teams working exclusively for us adhere to a strict code of practice, ensuring the best quality and professionalism at all times. Featuring the best products from trusted manufacturers, we will provide products and install fences on your farm or commercial site. We can replace damaged gate posts, corner posts and intermediate posts with new ones that will serve you well for years to come. Whether they have been hit by a vehicle or have simply deteriorated over a long period of time, we can get your fence secured and back in shape. Posts can be supplied in different lengths and thickness if required. Protective offers a complete range of Chain Wire Fencing gates and fence fittings for all types of fencing from domestic through to high security. Chain wire fencing also known as chainlink,chainmesh and chainwire fencingis one of the oldest forms of wire based fencing.

Razor Wire Types

Concertina Short Barb Razar Wire / Tape® Consists of coils made of galvanised steel with four hook barbs die cast every 25mm & cold clenched around a high tensile spring steel core wire. The barbs are so close as to prevent any hand hold & designed to grip onto any form of clothing.

If the height of BRC fence is too high to install the bearing platform, please set the door post cap first and then set the column. If the post cap is a metal cover and has been welded to the column, no work is required for the rear cover installation.

Chain Mesh Fencing Adelaide

The majority of our work comes from government authorities, but we happily service commercial and industrial clients alike. We can also install a temporary fence solution to provide your property with a secure boundary if needed.

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We offer a range of products to suit your requirements and budget. If you are unlucky enough that your fence needs repairing due to old age or physical damage then we can help you. Call us to check which products are available – stock levels vary on a daily basis. Have the property surveyed to ensure all boundaries are correct. A wide range of wire ties, C clips and tools are available. The frame is contructed from 32NB galvanised pipe and have heavy duty fittings.

can last up to 3 times longer than electroplated gate fittings. This type of Temporary Fencing provides privacy and security on projects where discretion and a safe environment is required and is a cost-effective alternative to timber hoarding. Stock is readily available with next day delivery for hire We pride ourselves on quality, realistic prices and customer satisfaction. ASF provides comprehensive and professional service across the lifespan of the project. Our Flat Wrap Razor Wire complies with Western Power and Water Corporation specifications, so you can be rest assured that your project will be to specification using our products. Please provide the meterage and we will calculate a cost estimate of your fence. Not all products and accessories are available in every state.

High Security Fencing

All fittings are included, excluding hinges which are dependant on post type and size. All domestic gates are made from 25NB galvanised tube to suit harsh environments. Our reputation as market leaders is built on the timely completion of security fencing works in the Perth region and across Western Australia. When you work with the CSA Fencing WA Team, you work with dedicated professionals who are committed to the scope of your project, and are experts in the field of fencing.


The hardened spring steel core wire reinforces the self supporting barrier, making it extremely difficult to cut & ensures that Concertina will remain effective as a security fence for many years. The installation of a fence increases the value of your home as an extra security feature and adds to the aesthetics of the property. Fencing is a common denominator amongst residential and commercial properties. There must be valid reasons for the installation of Perth fencing. Critically consider the type of fencing your property calls for to provide maximum effect and functionality. All our chainwire fencing materials are made from high grade Australian steel, including the posts, fittings and the chainwire itself.

What Is Chain Link Fencing

Our expert fencing contractors work tirelessly to provide a seamless service that always ends in an exceptionally high-quality result. Whether our customers require a pool fence, perimeter fence, or a specific colour or style of fence, we’re always ready to help out. If you own a property, you may be required to split the fence payment between you and your neighbour. It’s always best to speak with your neighbour beforehand and go over the process prior to moving forward and ordering a fence to be installed. This way everyone is in agreement and knows what is going on. We understand that all fencing project budgets are different, so we work hard to ensure our Perth fencing installations fit yours.

Chain Wire Domestic gates come in a range of heights (900, 1200, 1500 & 1800mm). With a variety of widths there should be a gate to suit your application, from single to double gates. TWF has recently added green and black barb wire options for your convenience. Barb Selvedged is a worthwhile security feature to invest in, as it discourages climbers. Our specialist heavy duty cricket net fencing system provides a longer service life and avoids potential impact damage from high volume use. This service may include material from Agence France-Presse , APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced.

In wire used to manufacture for Chain-Link Fabric (2.50mm and 3.15mm diameter) there is a differential in coating mass of approximately 200g/m2 between Standard and Heavy Galvanized Coatings. Always use the right product for the situation, ensuring our fencing or enclosure is fit for purpose and looks great. With more than 20 years in the industry, we are experts in planning, organising, managing and delivering fencing projects on time and on budget. I am happy with the way the guys carried out the fencing works and I am satisfied with the end product. I will pass the word around the office so that future fencing works can be quoted by Southern Wire Industrial.