How Much Does It Cost To Put A Fence Up?

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Colorbond Fencing Prices Perth

In fact I am getting him to fix few other boundary fence next week. Maher’s Fencing is proud to offer 14 different colours of Colorbond fencing. This boundary fencing is between 900mm to 2100mm high and offers your home robust and secure protection.

What Height Does A Colorbond Fencing Come In?

Pool fences are available in sleek beautiful designs and a variety of materials ranging from wood to glass. Pool fencing contractors in Perth are “GR8 glass pool fencing”, “Aussie fencing”, “Glass pool fencing Perth” etc. These Colorbond fencing panels promise outstanding durability, excellent security, and are finished in a large range of colours to suit both contemporary and traditional settings. Mixing materials, posts, gates, and cutting panels to size are some of the factors that can affect the price of Colorbond fencing. Sloping ground, location of the property and the size of the area also play a part in the cost. Larger areas can be less expensive in Colorbond fence installation cost if the ground is level.

Factors Impacting The Cost Of Colorbond Fencing

Installed and cared for properly, you can safely expect a Colorbond fence to last for at least 20 years. Colorbond is currently available in a variety of colours, which you can see on the Colorbond website. The most common shades are variations of earthy greens, beiges and greys, but blues and reds are also available too. You may need to trim a plinth when you come to the end of the fence. Contact your water, gas and power suppliers to make sure you won’t be hitting pipes when you dig the postholes.

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Stylish and strong fencing that has been designed and approved for use in areas with cyclonic conditions. Explore our innovative, low maintenance, aluminium slat screening systems. Offering the latest in architectural style and varying adaptability there is a slat screening system for everyone. COLORBOND® fencing is a wise investment, especially in areas that are prone to bushfires.

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The plain sheets of Colorbond are just one style and even they can be made to look more unique by adding different coloured posts, decorative top panels or even mixing materials. Combining timber posts and other details with Colorbond fencing is one way to create an attractive fence with natural timber features. If you have a sloping surface, the installers may have to cut panels and rails, which involves extra labour. If the soil is rocky, extra work may be needed to install the posts. Essentially Colorbond fencing is made up of Colorbond panels, fixing posts, caps and other finishing items, and gates if required. If it is standard Colorbond fencing 1.8 metres high installed into soft ground you should estimate a cost of between $70 to $80 per lineal metre excluding GST.

In cases where a smaller fence needs to be installed on a sloping surface, the cost will typically be higher, as there is extra labour involved. The condition of the soil where the fencing is to be installed can also affect installation cost. Aluminium fences are rarely affected by corrosion, making them ideal for all locations without the need for special protective coatings. Although, as a less dense material, aluminium fences are less robust than steel alternatives. Recently, with the rising cost of steel, aluminium fencing has become cheaper than steel, making this product a very popular choice. Thanks to the versatility, Colorbond fencing can be installed with various heights to match the requirement.

all-ways wrought iron & patios provides quality fences gates and more throughout perth. take a look at their range of services and request a quote today. Don’t spend another day staring at that ugly worn out fence or no fence at all when we have so many fencing options to offer. We have designed and installed countless slat fences, security fencing, glass pool fencing and all other types of fences Perth residents have requested over the years. We’ll ensure efficient fence installation and supply high-quality COLORBOND® gates and fences at an affordable price.

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Colorbond fencing is no exception, and before hiring a professional for the job, there are two considerable things that you should consider. Afterall you do not want to get stranded because you choose an inexperienced contractor. Similar to many building tasks, it is important that you find the right person for the job if you are going to get excellent top quality work that fulfills your specifications. We specialize in all of the major types of residential fencing available for improving the look of your home and yard such as picket fencing, pool fencing and more. It’s the optimum addition to every yard, so we’re sure that you’ll want it to be both attractive and highly functional. You want it to fit your yard’s overall landscaping style while effectively making it a safer place for your family and pets. We provide FREE no obligation quotes to all of the Perth Metro area.

If the price of a product has changed, we will notify you in your formal quote or, if you request an invoice, notify you and send a formal quote for you to approve before issuing any invoice. Please note that steel prices and stock levels can change rapidly. We do our best to keep this website up to date but current prices and lead times may occasionally vary.

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The Locker Mining team have extensive experience on site, so they understand what’s needed. Locker Mining modular panel systems are designed to maximise efficiency and wear life. Bring modern style to your Pool area with frame-less glass pool fencing. CONTACT US at Advantage Fencing regarding the right Colorbond Fence or Pool Fence for you, or to enquire about our FREE measure and quote service. Advantage Fencing has a history of providing excellent service with highest quality without our prices being excessive due to our bargaining power.


colorbond fencing installation cost Perth is one of the best in the area, no matter what colour or design you choose. Colorbond Fencing comes with a ten year guarantee of performance and once installed needs very little maintenance. It is environment friendly too, being made mostly of recyclable material. Colorbond fencing offers remarkable privacy with a seamless pattern and no gaps.

Colorbond Fence Plinths

Please notify us while quoting if you require temporary fencing during installation. Overall, there isn’t a major cost difference between DIY and professional Colorbond fencing installations. As mentioned, though, when you’re doing it yourself, it’s easy to make mistakes that can result in problems and significantly higher costs. In the short term it is cheaper to install the Colorbond fence yourself as you save on labour costs. In the long term, this can end up costing you especially if you lose your warranty due to incorrect install.

  • Paralink is an innovative fencing product that offers beautifully flush joins and great looks from either side.
  • • Unlike with other fencing options, both sides of the fence look good as it maintains its color despite being exposed to environmental elements.
  • Whether your residential or commercial property requires fencing in Perth, the contractor you hire must be reliable and experienced.

You can rest assured our fencing contractors and your new fence won’t only have criminals locked out, but it’ll also withstand mother nature’s harsh elements too. If you are unhappy with the current look of your fence, but don’t want to pay to have your current fence removed and a new fence installed, get in touch with us today. We offer all sorts of designs and colours available in the market to our customers. All of our aluminium products are Australian sourced and locally made and are backed by an industry leading warranty. Linked to the privacy factor is the security of installing a fence. Restricting access to your premises assists in keeping away wild animals.

What Colours Does Colorbond Fencing Come In?

Our experts are highly qualified and trained, and use the latest tools to get your project completed on time. For professional fencing in Rockingham and surrounding areas, speak with one of our friendly staff about your needs to see how we can help. Invest in a fence that’ll boost your property value, transform your outdoor area and enhance your outdoor lifestyle. If you need to regularly repaint or treat your fence, this will incur ongoing costs that can really add up. So grab your notepad and a fresh cup of coffee — it’s time to get to the nitty-gritty of how much a fence actually costs. For the purposes of these comparisons, we’ve stuck to a standard 1.8m height.

From the initial assessment to the day the job is complete we guarantee that our Colorbond fencing contractors will perform exactly as you’d expect them to. The job will be completed on time, the way you want it, and on budget.

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We specialise in the installation of all types of Colorbond Fencing. Suburban Fencing the Perth fencing company that believes in value and choice for our Customers. Price Accounting provide investor + developer tax services world and Australia wide for your property and all tax issues.

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Your local fencing installer will have to assess the type of material used before commencing to estimate the time required to finish the removal process. It pays to know the approximate amount of fencing sheets to help you prepare a reliable budget reference. Here’s the estimated cost of the common Colorbond fencing materials. Fencing posts, rails, lattices and caps which may cost around a hundred also affect the price. For homeowners, we provide a better, smarter way to connect with local tradies to get a job done well. For tradies, our platform helps you grow your business by providing quality leads from customers looking for a specific trade. Although prices can vary by retailer, you can expect to pay around $17.75 per 1.79m Colorbond fencing panel.

Colorbond fencing won’t rot, warp or twist, and will never need painting. With it’s clever assembly and post installation system, Colorbond fencing goes up fast, stays in strong, and looks terrific. All our colorbond gates are personalized in a warehouse using a fully welded powder-coated steel frame with top quality materials.

Our company specialises in the manufacture, supply and installation of industrial/commercial fencing and gates on a state-wide basis.We’re the premiere fencing contractors in Perth. When people think DBS Fencing, they associate our name with quality work, quality materials and a friendly service. So if you are looking for reliable fencing contractors in the area, speak to us. Topline fencing and carpentry service offers the best colorbond gates in Perth. If you need quality colorbond gates completed, contact us now! Our Colorbond gates are made from bluescope steel with welded powder coated frames.