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T And V Fencing Bunbury

Been hard to find an informative magazine that covers all disciplines. This article was published in Horses and People January-February 2019 magazine.

  • Under the Building Act 2011, responsibility for maintenance and repair of boundary walls rests with the owner of the land on which it is constructed unless otherwise agreed.
  • The garden is located at lot 150 Robertson Drive Bunbury.
  • A boundary wall may not be considered a dividing fence and an adjoining owner may still erect a sufficient fence along the boundary line.
  • Sectional Times are used to understand exactly how fast horses travel in their past races, broken down into 200m sections.
  • They are prone to run into fences at considerable speed, especially if the ground is damp and slippery.
  • The number of strands used ranges from 1 to 4 wires depending on its purpose.

if the fence divides both a lot and common property in the scheme, the owner of the lot and the strata company are liable. As a tenant you do not have to pay for the cost of construction or repair of a dividing fence unless the term of the lease is for a period of five years or more. Development approvals by some local governments require the developer to build new fences or require that they be to the local government’s satisfaction.

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T & V Fencing, Bunbury

From a practical and safety point of view, boundary and internal fencing are the most obvious structures that require attention when laying out your property to meet the needs of your horses . The port city of Bunbury is the third largest city in Western Australia after the State Capital Perth and Mandurah.

Designed to be fast, strong and efficient, Clipex boundary fencing is easy to install while being incredibly strong and cost effective. These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though may earn commissions for products/services purchased via affiliate links. Following a quote from United fencing a 50% deposit was paid in good faith, being in excess of $1,350, to have a new gate fabricated and installed. Over the next 5 months numerous excuses were offered ranging from lack of supply of material, lack of trades people, expiry of lease were offered and no gate was installed. Four installation dates were given on each occassion no one turned up. A request for a refund of the deposit paid has not been forthcoming, again espite three promises of the money being returned.

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The wood type that is most available will depend on your geographical location. Fences should be made of materials that have durability and minimise damage to skin/body . Review also fencing accessories; these can help with covering sharp edges, such as steel star-picket caps.

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To really narrow down your selection, you will have to weigh up those priorities. But before you do this you will need to do some research, as you will have to find out, for example, the costs of different fence types and fencing contractor hire. Like vinyl products, these need to have UV inhibitors to avoid weakening. The official standards for zinc coatings rank from Class 1, the thinnest, to Class 3, which is the thickest and will last the longest. The wire is also measured in gauges, which refers to its thickness. The lower the gauge number, the stronger the wire fence will be.

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We guarantee exceptional customer experience and satisfaction. We acknowledge the importance of perimeter fencing in your property. Thus, we offer you a complete selection of farm fencing supplies in Perth that will secure your area. You can now have access to a wide range of tools that will protect your farm from uninvited intruders.

High-tensile wire may also be coated in white or coloured polymers that make the fencing more visible to the animals and also less likely to cause injuries to them. Be sure to select fencing designed for farm or horse fencing. If in doubt, request test data from the manufacturer for fence materials that you are considering. Plastic tends to become brittle as it gets cold and may soften if it gets extremely hot.

Tapes can be used for perimeter fencing in larger pastures or for temporary fencing. The number of strands used ranges from 1 to 4 wires depending on its purpose. Even a single or double wire design may be sufficient if it is energised. All of these products can be mounted on all matter of permanent or temporary posts, including wood, metal or fiberglass. Insulators are needed on steel posts; the strongest are porcelain and the easiest are plastic pin -lock types, but are susceptible when fires occur. A full fence of smooth or polymer-coated wire contains four to seven strands; some types have 10 to 12 stands. It can be difficult to see the wires from a distance, so many horse people add a top rail or pole for better visibility.

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That means we can provide you with purposefully made products at an unbeatable price. We also offer installation and Australia wide sales support and servicing.

These are where the dividing fence is damaged or destroyed in whole or in part by fire, or by the falling of any tree . An element of neglect on the part of the adjoining owner or owners from whose land the fire originated or the tree fell must also be evident. Both types are strong, durable, and very safe when installed correctly.

I certify that this review is based on my own experience and that I am in no way affiliated with this business, and have not been offered any incentive or payment from the business to write this review. I agree to Terms & Conditions, including to not write false reviews, which is in many cases against the law. We can handle any job, regardless of scope or scale and understand the often sensitive nature of having to erect shared fences in the domestic market. We offer obligation free quotes and advice so call today to discuss your needs. T&V Fencing is experienced in all types of security fencing including chainmesh, garrison and cyclone fencing with many repeat mining, government and private customers. When you buy Clipex® you are buying from an Australian family owned business, since 2007. Create your own fencing quote online with an easy to use quote generator.

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Alternatively you may wish to arrange a land title search through Landgate. The procedure is to give notice in writing to your neighbour describing the proposed dividing fence including materials to be used, costs, and specifying the boundary line to be fenced. So a dividing fence is not a retaining wall, a boundary wall or a parapet wall.


If you wish to claim half the cost of erecting a sufficient fence and avoid any disputes over payment, you should approach the owner of the adjoining land to discuss your proposal and reach an agreement. The Act provides a mechanism for sharing the cost of the fence. If your local government does not have any local laws covering fences, you are still obliged to contribute a half share of the cost of constructing a sufficient fence. Local governments may have local laws that prescribe what is a sufficient fence. If you want information on what type of fence is allowed in your area, contact your local government. Most houses have at least three of them, most of us ignore them, but they can be a source of significant challenge for some property owners in WA. The look of the fence will be a personal choice such as colours and type of material.

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When you have a clear picture of the type of fences that will work for you and the different areas of the property, do your due diligence as a shopper. Ask distributors to refer you to previous customers in your area, so you can see how well the fence is working for them . And check product warranties because they range from one to 20 years. The trade-off should be considered for each section of the property as many fencing dilemmas can be solved with a combination of products. The cost of rural or horse fences per metre including posts and accessories varies largely depending on the type, post spacing and complexity. Both fences provide strength and a springy texture to protect horses from injury. However V-mesh is typically more expensive than no-climb.

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T&V Fencing provide a complete fencing solution from removal of old fences and gates, including licensed ASBESTOS removal, to supply and install of your new fence and gates. T&V Fencing is a locally owned and operated company that has provided professional service and quality fencing and gates for over 25 years. We oversee each and every step of the way – from designing and manufacturing, to supplying direct to you.

The adjoining owner has 21 days to respond or write back if they dispute all or any part of your proposal. If you are unable to reach an agreement within that time, the matter may be referred to the Magistrates Court nearest to where the fence is situated. Customers can shop with us in-store or online using our Click & Deliver, Click & Collect or Drive & Collect services. We continue to follow government advice and thank our amazing team for all their hard work helping our customers. Hi Cristina, in appreciation of what you and Horses and People do for horses and education, and your personal support for me and EquiSci, thank you. Many of the low maintenance fences are also the priciest.