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Broadwater Fencing Busselton

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Broadwater Fencing, Busselton, Wa

The City’s LPP 9B provides additional guidance to the provisions of the WAPC’s current Guidelines for Planning in Bushfire Prone Areas . The Guidelines determine standards for assessment of planning proposals in bushfire prone areas, and the requirement to identify bush fire risk at the structure plan stage to identify if the location is suitable for development and what safeguards are needed. The purpose of SPP2 is to guide the land use planning and decision making of local governments and the Western Australian Planning Commission in protecting, conserving and enhancing the natural environment. A Drainage Concept Plan was endorsed as part of the Broadwater Structure Plan.

Lot 559, Pavilion Crescent, Geographe, Wa 6280

Modifying the road and dual use path network in response to proposed land use changes. A firebreak is located along the boundary of the subject land with existing residential development and public open space. In addition to the existing firebreak, cleared land separates existing residential development from scattered stands of remnant vegetation. The land the subject of the amendment forms part of the landholdings collectively known as ‘Nilgup Park’. Areas within Nilgup Park have significant environmental values, including wetlands and associated vegetation afforded protection by the Environmental Protection Policy and stands of WA Peppermint Trees that form habitat for the endangered Western Ringtail Possum.

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Call To Consolidate Management Of The Vasse River

This rental amount is in line with the recent market valuation and therefore it is recommended that the terms remain unchanged but is adjusted to add CPI on 1 July 2016. Artists prints of high quality works in various sizes and price ranges to enable a higher level of public purchase of locally made imagery. A graffiti board/paper which visitors can draw onto with supplied art equipment with a view to producing an exhibition for the community by the community. 2.2 A City of shared, vibrant and well planned places that provide for diverse activity and strengthen our social connections. This rental amount is in line with the recent market valuation and therefore it is recommended that the terms remain unchanged but is adjusted by CPI annually. Studio 1 is located on a part of Reserve 35361, being Lot 453, Plan , Volume LR3013 Folio 834, 4 Queen Street, Busselton. The land is vested with the City with the power to lease for any term not exceeding 21 years, subject to the consent of the Minister for Lands, for the designated purpose of “Community and Cultural Purposes”.

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No other correspondence has been received by the City; however Officers have taken note of a letter published in the local press questioning the reduction for commercial opportunity on the Foreshore. To date, one email has been received, querying detail on the proposed elements of the children’s play areas and generally congratulatory of the works completed to date. Discussions continue with sporting groups regarding the future development of club facilities within the Barnard Park Sporting Precinct, allowing the City to work with relevant clubs to progress to more detailed design. The lessees of The Goose, Equinox and proponents for the future family restaurant/microbrewery were individually contacted. Letters of support have been received from all three proprietors for the redevelopment of the Central Core Activities Precinct in accordance with the revised Masterplan to support the City’s application to NSRF; subject to Council adoption of the plan.

Broadwater Fencing Busselton

Sam is still committed to lease the studio as a solo artist and to achieve the projects proposed above. Given that no submissions were received for either party in response to advertising the disposition, Officers recommend Studio 1 is still leased to Mr. Sam Beard as a solo artist.

The Complex comprises the ArtGeo Gallery, the Old Courthouse and Gaol Cells, the old Stables and Fodder Room, the Police Sergeants’ Cottages and the Woodturners’ shed. These buildings are located on three different parcels of land that make up the Complex. The purpose of this report is to provide the Council with the details of each of the two applications for Studio 1, outcomes of the public notice advertising the preferred proponent Mr. Sam Beard and recommendations for the terms and conditions of the lease. The two stables located at the rear of the Old Courthouse Courtyard at the ArtGeo Cultural Complex (“the Complex”) have been used as artists’ studios since the 1980s. One of the stables was recently leased to two artists for a nine month period to the 30 September 2015. Subsequently two applications were received from the remaining stable .

Further discussion with the Water Corporation will determine if the water supply easement can be realigned so that it does not cross through the former waste landfill area. Council endorsement of the officer recommendation will enable the preparation of an asbestos management plan and the development of a more detailed site investigation of other COPC. However, it should be acknowledged that parts of the detailed site investigation such as the implementation of a sampling analysis quality plan which may involve seasonal sampling of ground water to establish the presence or absence of other COPC. The Preliminary Site Investigation has confirmed the Site should be considered to be a potentially contaminated site, based on the presence of historic community waste landfill areas and the identification of ACM within the landfill areas. The proposed expenditure is associated with post-closure management of a former waste facility. former waste disposal landfill facility in this manner falls under post closure management of a waste site. Pursuant to the Planning and Development Regulations 2015, a structure plan may be amended by the WAPC at the request of the local government.

Mainsail Street, Geographe, Wa 6280

Due to the nature of these line items, the activity reflects as a net offset against operating expenditure, in recognition of those expenses that are of a capital nature . Variances, particularly early in the financial year, are not uncommon, as the activity is highly dependent upon a range of works related factors. It should be noted however that as anticipated that the variance is gradually decreasing as the year progresses. Additional reports and/ or charts are also provided as required to further supplement the information comprised within the statutory financial reports. Risk assessments have been previously completed in relation to a number of ‘higher level’ financial matters, including timely and accurate financial reporting to enable the Council to make fully informed financial decisions. The completion of the monthly Financial Activity Statement report is a treatment/ control that assists in addressing this risk. Any financial implications are detailed within the context of this report.

  • A formal valuation of Studios 1 and 2 was obtained on the 11 September 2015 .
  • The Tender was advertised on 31 October 2015 and closed on 19 November 2015.
  • In this regard, the coastal wetland chain that extends from Dunsborough through Broadwater to the Vasse-Wonnerup estuaries has an important natural drainage and floodwater storage function that will assist in flood inundation management.
  • Notwithstanding this, the proposed conservation covenant will address all matters relating to the management of the ongoing conservation area.

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Lot 558, Pavilion Crescent, Geographe, Wa 6280

The draft LPS establishes an urban growth area framework that identifies current growth areas and medium-term growth areas (10 – 15yrs+) that will require rezoning and structure planning before development can occur. Broadwater is one of ten current growth areas and an important element of the draft LPS is to support a continued supply and choice in urban land supply commensurate with projected population growth. The ‘Tourist’ zoned site was originally identified during the preparation of the Broadwater Structure Plan because at that time the landowners intended to establish a private ‘conservation park’ on the adjoining landholdings.


These funds have been receipted into the Community and Recreation Facilities account and are subsequently transferred to the Restricted Assets account. The Transfer Station and New cell Development budgets were evenly spread across the financial year. Works on the Transfer Station are yet to commence and as such there is a $588k variance to the year to date budget. Although the New Cell is underway, expenditure to date is $531k under the predicted year to date budgeted amount.

Section 6.8 of the Local Government Act 1995 refers to expenditure from the municipal fund not included in the annual budget. An application to clear vegetation for construction of some sections of the mountain bike trails has been submitted to the Department of Environmental Regulation and advice from the DER indicates that the City’s application is in the final stages of assessment. The Council could allow the money to be returned to the Federal Government via the funding pool when it ceases in 2019 and not utilise it in bridge maintenance works as recommended. It is further recommended that any unspent maintenance monies as at 30 June 2016 be carried forward into 2016/17.

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No voluntary contributions have been approved this financial year to date. For the first month in many rates in excess of 3.00% were achieved, although the increase may be short lived. While official cash rates remain steady, concerns continue within financial markets. Available rates remain volatile, and vary significantly from bank to bank and day to day. As at 31 December 2015, the value of the City’s invested funds totalled $123.55mn. The $3mn reduction was due to the funds being withdrawn from the 11am account to meet operational requirements.

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As a result of feedback received, it is considered that there is broad community and key stakeholder support for the proposed revision. It should be noted, though, that this is informal advice only and does not bind the WAPC. Additionally, information was prominently displayed at the City’s Customer Information Centre and both the Busselton and Dunsborough Libraries. The CIC and Library staff report that there has been interest in the static displays and information flyers, with only one query fielded in relation to proposed additional parking. Engage with the local community and visitors to the complex to find ways to encourage repeat visitation and a strong attachment to the place. On 28 January, during the advertising of the public disposition, notification was received from Sam Beard that due to personal reasons Chris Desira had to withdraw from their partnership and the proposed lease.

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This budget includes numerous projects, all of which are progressing within projected timeframes. There is presently nothing to indicate that the annual budget allocation for this classification will not be achieved by financial year end. This matter principally aligns with Key Goal Area 6 – ‘Open and Collaborative Leadership’ and more specifically Community Objective 6.3 – ‘An organisation that is managed effectively and achieves positive outcomes for the community’. The achievement of the above is underpinned by the Council strategy to ‘ensure the long term financial sustainability of Council through effective financial management’. The thing I enjoy about owning my own V.I.P. franchise is growing my business by providing great service to my customers. Prior to owning my own V.I.P. franchise I was a Sport Nutrition Supplement Regional Manager. THE Department of Parks and Wildlife is urging the Busselton community to respect their environment following serious damage caused in the area.