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Hardifence Perth

If you are stuck picking the colour for your fence makeover, below are colours we use most often. Fence Makeovers is Perth based company specialising in fence respraying. If you decide to give your fence a makeover, you should pick a colour that will suit your style. Hardifence is one of the most popular fencing solutions used in Western Australia. “To that end, we would appreciate if all distributors obtain detail to evidence that the product is required for a current project and not the subject of speculative stockpiling. “When a product is discontinued, there is a risk of speculative stockpiling,” the letter said. It’s understood the product will be formally pulled from the shelves as of March 2019, although orders already planned may also face issues.

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During a moderate storm in 2015, our entire back fence collapsed, leaving hundreds of fragments of this awful fencing scattered all over the place. HardieFenceTM EasyLock® system comes with a Zincalume finish capping, to provide professional finish on the top of the fence and lock the sheets into place. All our Hardifence installations receive a 10 year Hardifence Manufacturer’s Warranty against defective workmanship, damage from cracking, moisture, rotting, fire and termites. Perth Fence takes pride in building fences that stand the test of time. Please note that we offer these sheets on a supply only basis. Whilst we do not recommend HardieFence, it has become a common fencing type in Perth and sometimes it is just not worth replacing the whole fence line with Colorbond or another fence type.

What Is Hardiefence Made Of?

Our stylish fencing systems provide barriers where you need them, without obstructing your view. Miami Stainless pool spigots and posts give a seamless and stylish finish to any balustrade or pool fence. The clean lines of frameless and semi frameless glass allows for unobstructed views and a feeling of greater space.

  • It is installed partially buried in the ground, so it is firmly anchored and sturdy.
  • There are several fencing companies in Perth WA, and some of them happen to be more popular due to their exceptional quality of the products.
  • There are a number of different operators who offer self catering accommodation in Perth.
  • The surrounding islands are home to penguins and whales, who also call the town home.
  • So unlike colorbond fencing, you cannot let grass grow up to the fence.

An example can be the Colorbond fencing company that provides items of promising quality. Since people are more aware of the products given by those well-known companies, the fencing contractors try to supply more items from that, particularly well-known company. James Hardie’s HardieFence is one of the main fencing products used in Western Australia, and it’s understood Perth contractors were told there was a city-wide shortage in September last year. HardiFence fencing does not contain asbestos or other harmful chemicals. Its thick, fibrous sheets are chemically inert and do not leech substances into the soil. The contractors at Team Work take great pride in their commitment to the preservation of the environment.

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A lot of people assume that HardiFence fencing is cheaper than Colorbond. This may have been the case a couple of decades ago, but not anymore. In fact, many property owners in Australia are surprised to learn that Colorbond typically works out around 30% cheaper than HardiFence when installed by professional fencing experts. In terms of maintenance, Colorbond vs HardiFence are nearly identical. Both fencing types are easy to maintain, requiring only an occasional washing and that the base be kept free of debris. If the bottom rail on your Colorbond fence is exposed to soil moisture that does not drain out, then corrosion may occur.


If you have questions about this product please get in touch with us to discuss your options. Whether you are building, subdividing, renovating or simply wish to give your property a fresh new look, ABC Fencing can install a new fence to suit both your plans and your budget. FIBRES – If the material you are are wanting to dispose of is broken you will be able to observe small asbestos fibres protruding along the broken edge. MARKING – Look at the product for identification markings that state “Does not contain asbestos” if it has been marked as such the fibre cement product is safe to dispose of in our skip bins. If there are no markings then the product should be treated as containing asbestos. A private resident transporting more than 3 sheets of asbestos fencing, and no more than 30, will require a permit but will be exempt from the $48 permit fee.

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This provides a barrier to weeds growing under the fence and is a great benefit when trying to keep even the most enthusiastic dog from getting out. HardieFence EasyLock system is designed to be buried into sandy soils, eliminating gaps below the fence on both level and sloping sites.

Talcum Powder or “Baby Powder, is a product that has been, or currently is being used in almost every household in Australia. A recent test of some of the most popular brands on children’s crayons and crime lab kits have been found to contain asbestos material. Here are the options for safe asbestos disposal in Perth. Australia has strict regulations in place governing how to safely remove asbestos. However, for many home owners concerns remain about the material and safe asbestos disposal. If you live or work in a building constructed in the 1970s, there’s a high chance asbestos may have been used in its construction. Asbestos is a naturally occurring group of minerals that achieve a fluffy consistency through processing.

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If you’re thinking about using HardieFence but you have a couple of questions, check out our FAQS below. We’ve answered the most common queries we get about this range so that you can make an informed decision about your next fence. Hardifence/Super6 fencing is a specialised product that can be used for a variety of cases, especially when wanting to separate 2 properties that may have a slight height difference between them. At JM Fencing, we’re proudly a leading fencing contractor in Perth. Our expert fencing contractors work tirelessly to provide a seamless service that always ends in an exceptionally high-quality result.

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I painted mine about 5 years ago and the paint has held up fine (I think it probably helps trap and seal the fibres together when it’s painted). The fence paint was cheaper, but thinner than you’d want for most things, but it wasn’t an issue since I was thinning it for the sprayer anyway.

Why Should You Get Perth Fence To Install Your Hardifence?

If there aren’t any markings then the product should be handled as containing asbestos. Super Six as it was known, ceased production in mid 1980’s and was replaced with Hardifence, the cement is now basically help together with wood pulp fibre, as opposed to asbestos fibres. Removing old ‘Super six’ fencing is a specialist job, only undertaken by qualified contractors. We are WorkSafe qualified to remove and dispose of this.


Fence respraying is an easy and affordable way to make your fibro fence look modern and fresh. We always visit the property to make sure we fully understand the project. This protects you, the consumer, by ensuring that you won’t have to pay additional fees after you have been quoted a price.

In addition to experiencing the park, you can also enjoy the train rides through the area. If you want to do something special with your family while vacationing in Hardifence, you can hire a motor home and take a trip through the bush. The Hardifence Creek Caravan Parks provides motor homes that have comfortable amenities. You and your family can enjoy swimming in the natural streams, hiking through the forests, or enjoying the campfire. When you are looking for the perfect place to bring the family while on vacation, you should look no further than Hardifence Perth. You will not find a more relaxing and easy way to spend your holiday.

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PVC and Picket Fencing has transformed how we construct and up keep our fences right here in Australia. PVC & Picket products are a far better and a more appealing option when it reaches time to upgrade current steel and wooden fences and they provide numerous advantages when installed. Your fence can offer more than security to your yard, it can also make it more sightly. A hardifence will increase the visual appeal of your property when it is installed by experienced professionals. The Easylock capping system enables the sheets to overlap one another beautifully without the need for posts. For more appeal, the fence can be painted in a wide variety of colours depending on your style and design needs.

Other popular attractions include: the Crystal Cascades, the Everwood Theme Park, and the Tinkerbell’s Theme Park. There are plenty of places for shopping, dining, lounging, or simply strolling around. It’s a community that truly wants to make your experience with your family enjoyable.

The sheets are resistant to moisture or rotting, termites attack and fire. The sheets well suit in places where non-combustible materials are emphasized in accordance with C1. The fencing material is usually gray in colour but you can paint it to suit your preferred colour or match the outdoor structures or aesthetic requirements. The fence consists of sheets that are partially buried into the ground. We do boundary fences, common wall fences, front fences – we paint fences, we repair fences and panels. And we’ll always leave the site without any mess and tidy up as well. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and service with a smile.

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These activities bring the people of Hardife to close contact with the natural world around them and allow them to appreciate it at its best. It is built on a plateau with tall cliffs running down the sides. The views are spectacular, and you can see Mt Bogong in the background. The views are also very good in the summer months, when the sun shines brightly in the summer months.

Visit our Perth salvage yard at 25 Katanning Street, Bayswater, Western Australia or send us an email with your query. We have a dedicated team that will go out of their way to ensure that you get the type of service you deserve.

We will remove this listing once all stocks have been sold. The entire town is built on the banks of Lake Wakatipu, a man made lake which supplies the towns’ electricity.