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Cyclone Fencing Perth

The fencing products and services offered at Jasons Fencing Perth serves these purposes and our fencing will stand the test of time as well as anything Mother Nature may have to say on the matter. And if repairs are needed, we’re the fencing contractors and Colorbond fencing contractors you want on the job. Each of our workers is skilled fencing craftsmen, licensed, certified and uniquely trained on the installation and repair of each fencing service we offer. A call into the fencing pros at Jasons Fencing Perth is all you’ll need to satisfy your fencing needs. So when it comes to fencing, not only are you adding to your home’s property value, but it’s security, safety, and aesthetics as well. At Jasons Fencing Perth we have the exceptional fencing services you need. Our fencing services include fencing installation and repair, including a wide range of Colorbond fencing services and products.

This will mean that you and your property are protected if something goes wrong. This is why we ask some many questions, so it is easier for you to be matched with relevant tradies. By using a licensed Tradie to install or repair your air conditioning you get peace of mind that they are qualified to undertake the job.

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Our builder has finished installing the fence using the guidelines available through your website and we are just thrilled with the results. We stock the full Cyclone range including ringlock, gates, galvanised posts and fittings to suit. We also sell Rogue Bull cattle yards and Easy-fence sheep yards as well as treated hardwood strainer posts. The best way of finding out the cost of your fencing project is to get quotes from local fence builders. Fencing standards are affected by all sorts of things like materials, height and location – so it can get a bit tricky. To ensure your fence installation is to spec we recommend you contact your local council for the regulations that apply where you live. Your fence builder or installer should also be across the relevant laws in your area.


All teams working exclusively for us adhere to a strict code of practice, ensuring the best quality and professionalism at all times. From fabricated wire fencing and barbed wire through to cattle rail and K-rail products, each made specifically to suit different uses. Chain wire fencing also known as chainlink,chainmesh and chainwire fencingis one of the oldest forms of wire based fencing. We can also install a temporary fence solution to provide your property with a secure boundary if needed. We can replace damaged gate posts, corner posts and intermediate posts with new ones that will serve you well for years to come.

Chain mesh security fencing provides an affordable fencing solution to both industrial and commercial needs. If your security has been breached by either accidental or intentional means, then I-Secure Fence Repairs can restore security to your premises. We can repair the smallest of holes to the most extremely damaged fence.

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Providing premium Australian made fencing products from posts and wire to accessories and tools. The Waratah range of products have been designed to make fencing easier, faster and more cost effective over the life of your fence.

Temporary Hoarding

Average hole depth of 600mm, all posts concreted and no additional cost for HARD digging. Farm Electric fences are nice for preserving aggressive livestock within a specified space.

Chainmesh Fencing

Cyclone® expanded into other products lines, providing tools such as shovels, edgers, axes, forks, pruners and loppers. In the early 1890s, Leonard Chambers and William Thompson started a beekeeping supply business in Melbourne.

  • Thus, we offer you a complete selection of farm fencing supplies in Perth that will secure your area.
  • It was restored to the vast majority by early Monday afternoon, but conditions were preventing substantial repairs from being completed.
  • Perfect for schools, ovals, highways, airports, railway stations, warehouses and tourist parks, it is strong, tamper-proof and available as a modular system for easy installation and replacement.
  • If the image of your fence isn’t enough to discourage undesirable friends, the barbs will do the trick.

It is also the material of choice for schools as well as playing courts including tennis courts, hockey courts and cricket nets. Think your job is too small to interest a professional tradesman? Forget it – we’ll undertake the smallest individual job – just as we’ll be happy to quote you for a pre-sale or post-rental tidy-up. For Perth’s householders and property managers, getting the big jobs done promptly and well is relatively easy, particularly in these days of online reputation. Paradoxically, though, getting the little jobs done quickly and efficiently can be much harder. Tell us what you need to get quotes for tradies who want to do your job.

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This brand is still available on today’s market, having an almost iconic status amongst rural Australia. Chain mesh fencing is the most common used security fence in Australia. Its a very affordable, lightweight security option that is also extremely easy to repair. Chain mesh fencing can be made to any size specifications and adaptable to barbwire and electrical fence systems. This boundary fence deters intruders without taking too much away from the natural look of the property. Since there are no barbs on top, councils usually approve the installation, especially for residential and park areas. K-Line Fencing Group founded in 1975, has grown to be a leading Australian industrial and commercial fencing company providing reliable security fencing solutions across a number of market sectors.

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Some people ask directly about the prices of post and wire fencing in Mornington peninsula. However, sometimes, the average prices of common items like the post and wire fence cost remain unchanged. The cost of installing barbed wire fencing ranges from about 1700 dollars to 3500 dollars. When we are here to consider the post and wire fencing price per meter, we often target and area and specify the prices that are common there.

Call us now on to be connected to your nearest branch or get a quote online. If you have any questions about hire or sales of temporary and portable fencing, email our team on for a quick response. 1300TempFence temporary fencing systems fully conform to all government and local council legislation requirements.

Chain Link Fence

Tubular fencing provides a cost effective, stylish and highly customisable solution for any of your commercial or residential fencing requirements. There are many style options including both face welded and through rail options, with either steel or aluminium materials offering strength and durability.

Western Rural Fencing supply and install an extensive range of fencing to suit industrial and commercial applications. So, if you’re looking for a fencing company that you can trust for repair or replacement of your commercial or residential fencing, it’s time for a change, choose Fencing Pros Perth for your project. When all is said and done, it is in everyone’s best interest to leave fence repair to the experts.

If you are searching for a medium security fencing solution, why not consider chain mesh fencing? WA contractors WA Fenceworks are well-versed in chain mesh fencing design, install and repair. Predominantly found around the perimeters of construction and mining sites, chain mesh fencing acts as an effective way to keep unwanted visitors out, and valuable assets in. One of the more popular types of security fencing very sturdy and designed for fencing commercial properties and schools etc. Whether you need tools for a farm fencing repair and maintenance job, or if you are looking for equipment for fence installation at your property, Fence-Line has what you need.


Do not waste time and money by choosing substandard materials for your fencing and irrigation needs. Trust us – an industry leader in supplying quality and durable rural fencing supplies in Perth, to ensure every purchase worthy of your hard earned money. One of the best features about chain mesh fencing is its lightweight construction makes it the perfect companion for sliding or swing gates. If your fence is close against a wall or other permanent fixture then a sliding gate might be the best solution. Adding one or any number of security features to chain wire fencing makes this fencing system a highly effective and cost effective security fencing solution. It is easy to move and rebuild in another location as a temporary fence option.

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The final investment in the Colorbond fences can also depend on the complexity and the size of the job of installation as well. Colorbond fencing in Perth is one of the most sorts after fencing. They are famously known for the supply of their metallic sheets for fences that are also very easy to maintain. Apart from the easy maintenance, the Colorbond fences are also durable. The company also states that these fencing products are built with special characteristics that are built to withstand the heat of the Australian summers.

We can produce all purpose barriers using a wide range of materials to create a variety of affordable options. Whether it’s a backyard barrier at home or walkway balustrading for a major apartment complex, Right Metal Fencing has the experience and workmanship to service various projects. Whatever your specialised need, Right Metal Fencing have a product for you.


Direct Trades Supply, your one-stop shop for all your rural fencing, security fencing, construction materials, safety PPE, and Industrial tool supplies. FenceWright supply and install the full range of chainmesh fencing internally. All of WA Fenceworks’ chain mesh fencing is constructed in Perth and built to strict Australian standards. We can design, supply, install and adapt this type of fencing to suit any project, big or small. Speak to our team about your fencing specifications and we’ll sort out the rest – we’ll design it, build it and install it so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Chain mesh fencing, also known as chain wire fencing, is made from galvanised steel wire woven or linked together to form a sturdy mesh of diamond shapes.