Super 6 Fencing Perth

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Super 6 Fencing Perth

It is safe to say that green will go with every garden. With a colour that is inspired by our natural landscape, you can be sure that a green fence will be both playful and practical. These neutral tones are a great alternative to whites and creams which can be slightly harsh. Neutral colours blend effortlessly into the landscape around most homes. For some people, this range of choice can be a little overwhelming. We’ve put together some of the best colours to paint your fence. Check out these ideas and get in touch if you have any questions.

The material we prefer for fencing is Bluescope Steel Colorbond which carries 10 years of warranty. This steel is specially manufactured for Perth’s harsh climate. It is also termite resistant, weatherproof & non-combustible, providing you with a solid protection for a longer period of time.

Our extensive knowledge and experience gives us the ability to know which materials should and should not be recovered. To date, over three million Australians have changed the way they find, hire and manage trusted tradies with hipages. Nate did our fencing years ago and it’s still standing the test of time. Your fence out of the ground and out of site within a day.

Extensions to your existing fence can strengthen the existing fence and also helps reduce the line of sight for those who might have prying eyes. Most houses need extra privacy on the fence line; we make them in a variety of products which include horizontal timber slats, square and diagonal lattice, plastic lattice and aluminium slats.

Temporary Fencing

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Hardie Fence Perth

I didn’t wash or scrub it, just brushed any loose dirt off it with an old broom, bought a cheap sprayer from bunnings and a fence paint by taubmans (also from bunnings – comes in a plastic 4L bucket). The fence paint was cheaper, but thinner than you’d want for most things, but it wasn’t an issue since I was thinning it for the sprayer anyway. The asbestos sucked the paint right up so I ended up going over the fence twice with it so it didn’t look patchy. The darker colours contrast well with green foliage and aren’t as harsh as plain black fence. Greys have a timeless quality and are going to last for years without going out of fashion. HardieFence is one of the most popular fencing styles around Perth and Western Australia.

If your home/fence was built pre-1980’s, Asbestos remains the most likely material used for Australian fences. Super 6 fencing is an easy-to-install yet sturdy option. Each fence is designed from a group of interlocking sheets, topped off by a capping.

If you love to kayak or sail boats, then this location is the perfect setting for you. The buildings themselves are very old, with many having glass windows, and this adds an old world feel to the location. It is also set in an area where you can see the river and the incredible expanse of the coast. Once you step foot into the premises, you will be immediately captivated by the amazing design and craftsmanship. These fences really stand out, creating an old-world feeling in the room. This is brought about by the natural timber that the walls are crafted from, and the dark, timber coloured paint.

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One of the main benefits to having a fence extension is that you will gain additional security and privacy for your home or commercial business. No more will onlookers be able to directly see into your property when they are passing. The house was built in the early 80s and from what Ive read, asbestos were still used at that time. Yes, painting asbestos is the recommended way to seal the fibers in and make the asbestos safe. hardifence is asbestos free but looks almost identical to the asbestos product . If you have any questions about painting HardieFence, or any of our fencing services, please contact us today on . Even though this EasyLock fencing system is attractive, it is a ‘one-style fits all’ deal.

We specialise in installation removal and repairs to colorbond Fencing, Asbestos Removal, Fence Repairs and Temporary Fencing. For your peace of mind, Blue Scope Steel guarantees the performance of fencing made from COLORBOND® steel with a 10 year warranty on posts, rail and infill sheets. We specialise in the installation of all types of Colorbond Fencing.

Perth Tradies Face Offended Shoppers After In Style Fence Product Discontinued

We have a dedicated team that will go out of their way to ensure that you get the type of service you deserve. To speak directly to a friendly consultant now about our WA salvage products and service, give us a call on .

Fosters Fencing Perth

If you want to stand out from the crowd, or add some unique flair to this style of fence, you should consider a fresh coat of paint. Feb 8, 2020 Fencespot is committed to providing its clients with quality, Australian-made fences that are custom-designed for the harsh Perth climate. A maximum of 165kg (approx. fencing sheets) can be dropped off for free. This quantity of asbestos is in line with the commercial guidelines for safe disposal without a licence, as set by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation. For Asbestos loads over 165kg, the first 165kg will be free and the additional kg will be charged at the normal asbestos rate. From the quoting through to our new fence installed we were so happy with your professionalism and standard of work.

Asbestos In The Home Environment

Modern hardifence non-asbestos features 5 ridges, no screws and metal capping. It is best to assume your fence is Asbestos until proven otherwise by a professional, and only to be handled by professionals. Please note that we offer these sheets on a supply only basis. So if you need some 2400mm Hardie Fence sheets – look no further than Aussie Fencing. Yes we have plenty of 2400mm HardieFence sheets available NOW at Aussie Fencing.

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The product’s versatility implies that it’s best for a variety of conditions so long as there is good access, fairly level land, and minimal obstructions. If the land level difference is greater than a hundred and fifty mm, then a retaining wall might be required.

Quality Workmanship

You could even match it to the exact color of your Colorbond roof. “My goal was to be part of the match play, whether I was 24th or eighth. West Australian Scrivener finished third last year at the Perth International at Lake Karrinyup, and was looking forward to featuring in the match play.

  • Also, you can paint it a different colour on either side, so you don’t have to compromise or agree with your neighbour if it’s a common fence .
  • Pleural plaques are patches of fibrous thickening on the pleural membrane which can progress slowly and can calcify.
  • They were polite in all our dealing and charged a fair price.
  • We offer obligation free quotes and advice so call today to discuss your needs.

Fence looks amazing and we just could not be happier! As a leading fencing service provider in Perth, All Perth Fencing assures you good-quality services with complete satisfaction. Call us today to get assistance or fill in the response form below. You no longer need to worry about the longevity of your fence if Super 6 fence is installed in your backyard. All the durability and strength of the fence lies in its structure. The better the inner structure is, the stronger the fence becomes. Super 6 fencing is resistant to the moisture that mostly causes damage to the fences.

Fencing Solutions

It’s installed by digging a trench, dropping the sheets in , and backfilling the ditch on both sides. Whether you are looking for a new fence or an extension for an existing fence, Fiddes Fencing can help. Contact us today and we’d be happy to get you a free onsite quote within the Perth metropolitan area. We pride ourselves both on our customer service and our competitive pricing. when you read “asbestos still used” – it means it hadn’t been banned and old stock was still allowed to be sold. I painted mine about 5 years ago and the paint has held up fine (I think it probably helps trap and seal the fibres together when it’s painted).


A dividing fence is a fence that separates two privately owned properties. It does not include any fence running along a road or laneway and does not include a retaining wall. Dividing fences are governed by the Dividing Fences Act and the City’s Local Laws Relating to Fencing 2000. Waratah® distribute its premium range of fencing products through reputable distributors. Well designed & built fences and trellises will not only deliver improved productivity but also better outcomes, regardless of the industry you operate in. fence and custom gate installation completed quickly and to a high standard. Maher’s Fencing is proud to offer 14 different colours of Colorbond fencing.

Choosing Pool Fence Colours

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