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Horse Fencing Perth

The rail size ranges from 10 cm to 15 cm and depends on the number of wires. The top and bottom wire can conduct the electricity to provide the shock. Keep in mind that HTP fencing cannot be tensioned around corners, so you will have to factor additional materials such as steel or wood to maintain tension.

I would have no hesitation in recomending your product to anyone wishing to use a quality paint. Waratah is not just an Australian company, we also employ Australians to manufacture our steel, wire and posts in mills located all over this great countryto suit all Australian farming conditions. With over 135 years of fencing experience, delivered via the largest sales support team in Australian we not only understand our farmers but we have been able to build relationships through generations of customers. Our products won’t fade or lose their colour…more money to be saved from expensive repainting tasks on your traditional post and rail fencing that only lasts a few months in our savage climate.

we Create Beautiful, Safe And Strong Fences That Last A Lifetime   Thats Always Been Our Goal

Often, the flex boards are electrifiable, which adds an element of security. HTP fencing features high tensile steel wires that are coated in polymer that is UV stabilised. The wires lend the fence great strength and durability, while the polymer coating means that the fence has a flexible finish that will absorb the horse’s impact, rather than shattering or breaking. Flexible vinyl or also called High Tensile Polymer Rail looks less like wood fencing than vinyl planking.


You think “it just has to be strong enough to keep my horses where I want them.” As you see – Horserail fencing can do both at the same time – contain your horses and absorb those unimaginable events. With a limited manufacturer’s warranty of 30 years, Horserail fencing has unmatched durability. Unlike traditional wooden post and rail, Horserail won’t fade, warp or become brittle in extreme weather conditions. Whether you’re building a day yard, an arena, an agistment property or a stud farm, we have a solution for you. Together we have spent a lifetime gathering experience and knowledge to source, design and build a range of products to help keep your valuable horses and ponies safe. Not only do we supply Horserail and other Duncan Equine Group products, we actually use them for keeping our own horses and ponies safe and secure on our own farm.

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The 5cm by 10cm wire aperture minimises the risk of horses stepping through or becoming tangled in the fence. Acacia Products, the owner of Bounce Back Horse Fence has been manufacturing quality flexible horse fencing locally in Australia for over 35 years. Whether you love Thoroughbreds, Ponies, Arabian, Miniatures, Appaloosa, Paint Horses, Cobs, Quarter Horses, or Shetland Ponies you can be sure we have the right fence for horses. Our horse fence rail is manufactured from the highest quality polymer and reinforced with two high tensile 2.5mm wires. The 120mm wide horse fence rail is highly visible and will resist any impact. If you are hoping to create a statement-making entryway with flair, we are also able to assist with any masonry structure that you may require, such as brick or limestone pillars and/or walls.

Electric fencing provides a psychological barrier, giving horses an electric shock when they touch it. These products incorporate conductive wire weaved in other materials – plastics, polyesters, nylon, etc. – to create electrified fencing that is also more visible. Wood is the most traditional fencing material and has long been a popular choice among horse owners.

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To this day, we continue to administer Aloe Vera every day to our horses for preventative maintenance together with other herbs and a completely natural diet with NO processed feeds. Our horses look and feel amazing and we truly believe they are healthy from the inside out.

Horse Fencing Perth & Perth's South West Region

If electric fencing is already being used on the farm, it is easy to add an additional fence. If you wish to install electric fencing, it is important to plan carefully to ensure the fence is effective. “We have installed Stockguard electric fencing on 6 horse paddocks, at our property in the Adelaide Hills. Think fencing’s PVC picket fencing Gates are the perfect match for your composite picket fence with many picket styles to choose from.

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If installed according to our installation guide, the fences are designed to stand up to normal wind loads. Adding a rural fence to your property can provide visual appeal to many properties. They are an alternative to Aluminum decorative fences, and are generally unpainted and made of treated wood, making maintenance a breeze. Popular uses include the post and rail, which great not only for properties with horses, but also can be used for decoration. They are very low-maintenance and can provide visual interest in gardens and on larger properties. Invisible fence is also an option for dogs and pet safety.

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The last thing that you want is to have some sort of problem with your horse fencing Perth because the installers were unable to finish the job. Hopefully, now that you understand a little more about the various types of horse fencing Perth is available, you should be able to make your decision much easier. As long as you take your time and compare a few different items, you should be able to find a fencing system that meets both your needs and your budget. Once you get a horse fencing Perth in place, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you’re keeping your animals safe from predators and other animals. Just think of how much better your life will be when all of those nasty animals are put away for good.

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Strainer assembly is important because it transfers tension from the wires to the ground. Diagonal stays hold some types of strainers in place and a box assembly is another way to keep strainer assemblies from leaning over under the pressure of the wires. I feel it helps to keep me up to date with everything horsey. It not only has reinforced and bettered my knowledge, but i have learnt so many new things i didn’t know. It helps you to look at some subjects for a different perspective. Most of all the layout and the simple way it is written makes it so easy to understand and absorb. However if you are in a position to frequently check your fences and repairing damages immediately, a more affordable initial investment such as electric fences might better serve your needs.

  • If you can use a level, a tape measure, and post hole digger and a string line – you can do the job yourself.
  • We use and road test many of the products and provide feedback to the Boss about what works and what doesn’t!
  • “We have installed Stockguard electric fencing on 6 horse paddocks, at our property in the Adelaide Hills.
  • If you are unsure of your horse’s health problems we strongly advise that you consult a vet.
  • Frangible devices can be used on a range of cross country fences including oxers, gates and corners.
  • PVC post and rail fencing is rapidly becoming a popular choice for use on equine properties as well as for features such as entrances and driveways.

If you are not able to install the fences yourself, carefully select your installers. Some product types such as HTP fences come often with a package and include installation costs. Whereas with other more common fence types you may have to source your own skilled labour. Ask for references and go to see some of the fences they’ve put up if you can. Costs can start at $2.50 per metre for electric fence to over $200 per metre for galvanized steel fences.

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2timber & wood fences, supply & install perth, wa – fencing 4 . composite fencing or composite fence panels is a relatively new innovation.

FENCiT is the national group for Australian fencing contractors representing over 2,500 contractor businesses. FENCiT is an established and engaged community – by the industry for the industry. FENCiT is a registered trademark of Fencing Contractors Australia Pty Ltd – Established 2015. We’re JRM Stonework & we’ve been building & repairing dry stone walls in South Australia & surrounds since 2005. The customer was so happy, stage 2 of 1500 metres has also been completed.

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They are needed to fix wire or timber to and prevent the fence from sagging. Supplies for 100 metres of wire and posts every 4 metres range from $495 for cattle to $840 for sheep to $1,500 for horses. Installation will cost around $66 per hour or two installers might cost $99 per hour. When you have a clear picture of the type of fences that will work for you and the different areas of the property, do your due diligence as a shopper.

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They will tend to keep away from it and not challenge it or chew posts and rails. One or more electric wires can be used as part of the fence and threaded through the posts or added to an existing fence as an offset that is fastened to posts. Alternatively, you can have a full electric fence, which requires fewer wires, using timber posts. You can electrify plain wire or use purpose-made coated wires, tapes or braids, which are more expensive but are more flexible and thicker and more visible and less likely to injure. after the wood posts are up maybe a strand of hot wire accross the top away from the fence so they cant reach the wood.

Ask distributors to refer you to previous customers in your area, so you can see how well the fence is working for them . And check product warranties because they range from one to 20 years.

2looking for leading timber products around western australia? pinelap fencing provides privacy while being hard wearing and attractive. Cavalletti Equine Marketplace offers you a fast, stress-free way to buy and sell horses, ponies and all things equestrian. We’ve been helping Australian horse lovers schedule shows, discover new products and find local equine services for over 20 years. The reason I wanted it was because it is one of the safest types of fencing for my horses. Our decision was proven correct when we had a massive thunderstorm with lightning one night.

Insulators are needed on steel posts; the strongest are porcelain and the easiest are plastic pin -lock types, but are susceptible when fires occur. As the top choice for rural fencing suppliers, we will provide post and rail fencing supplies to fit your specific requirements. We offer a wide range of high quality electric fencing products and accessories specifically designed with the safety of your livestock in mind. Particularly in the case of your valuable horses, a safe, reliable and highly visible fence is an important consideration for their welfare.