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Hardifence Perth

It does not come with two different colours on two different sides . Colorbond fencing DOES look nicer, and if you think differently, you’re in a small minority. Colorbond fencing goes together like a big Mechano set. Just like you have panels of Hardie fencing, you have panels of Colorbond fencing. But unlike the Hardie which is about 1100mm wide, Colorbond panels are usually more like 2.4metres wide . The Colorbond panels are made up of a frame, and infill panels. So each panel has a top and bottom rail, side posts , and there are three infill panels to make them easier to handle (rather than one 2.4metre infill panel).

  • They often have packages designed to accommodate holiday makers staying in holiday cottages or apartments.
  • Eren from BCM fencing was approachable and accommodating to our needs.
  • I’ve notice that they are just stuffed into the ground and eventually snap in half.
  • Early styles of ‘Hardifence’ have “manufactured without asbestos” and a manufacturing date mark.

“Pretty much every home owner In WA that has HardiFence will be affected and all contractors that install fencing have now lost half their business,” the contractor said. Want a fence that looks smart and complements the design of your property? HardiFence Perth features an EasyLock system with metal capping to provide a beautiful fence that doesn’t require posts and can be painted in a range of colours to suit any location. Since the interlocking sheets are identical on both sides, you’ll keep your neighbours satisfied. So which is best when it comes to Colorbond vs HardiFence?

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The Perth Horse Racing is a popular event to take part in while staying in holiday homes. It runs every Saturday and Sunday. Hardifence Perth is one of the best places to stay in Perth. The holiday home facilities in the area make it very attractive to visitors who like to spend their vacation time in this relaxing and popular city.

Two of the most popular domestic fencing options in Perth and Bunbury, Colorbond and HardiFence, have a lot in common. Both enhance privacy and security, and both offer a similar finished look. Just explain to the neighbor that Hardifence is no longer available and that no amount of demand from them will magically make some appear to replace the fence. Even a court order probably couldn’t make new supplies magically appear. Still have that awful fence along both sides though, with small holes throughout.

So would be a morning coat then another session I can collect Paint if you provide the spray gun and any other equipment required to protect neighbours fence. We can supply fencing from leading manufacturers such as Hardifence™, Colorbond®, Pinelap and more at highly competetive prices – we will endeavour to beat any genuine written quote. It has been reported that the next wave of people suffering from asbestosis and mesothelioma are home renovators. As asbestos is present in a high percentage of properties in Australia, there is no need to take unnecessary risks.

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It is not recommended you pile any dirt up against any part of the bottom rail or infill panels what-so-ever. The moisture sitting in the soil, were it to make contact with any minute scratches, could rust the fence.

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The materials used in making fibre cement consist of Portland cement, cellulose fibre, water, sand, and additives. The sheets are installed in an overlapping manner that creates a unique interlocking system. Hardifence fencing is very durable and perfect for the sandy conditions in Perth.

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HardiFence can be installed in both flat and sloped locations and works well in sandy soil types. It is installed partially buried in the ground, so it is firmly anchored and sturdy. It is also ideal for slopes or uneven land where it is difficult to install typical fencing evenly without leaving unattractive gaps and spaces underneath. Because hardifence goes into the ground, it can achieve a more even finish that fits your property better. But hardifence is versatile and looks great, and can be used on flat surfaces as well. Simply Fencing are your professional hardifence suppliers in Perth. They are also your friendly hardifence installers in Perth, complementing each product with a simple and hassle-free installation.


Chrysotile asbestos is the only type in this category and was the kind of asbestos most often (around 75%) used in buildings in Western Australia. Also, if your block is sloped in any way, then the fencing panels will have to be stepped and there will be gaps at the bottom – so no good for small pets. Apart from the best quality Colorbond steel privacy fencing and Colorbond gates, we can also custom make for you “one off” designs that will excite. Contact our friendly staff to get an obligation free quote on your fencing job. Our experts can install a wide range of fencing options for commercial, industrial or residential purposes.

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Most of the Hardifence Perth holiday makers come from Western Australia and other areas of Australia. The scenery here is breathtaking. The lakes, mountains and views of the area are all very impressive. When visiting this area, it is advisable to hire a car. A day trip on the Tipper River Walk will be very exciting for the whole family. There are a number of walking tracks available to walk along and experience this wonderful area.

There are plenty of fun things to do in the area. There’s a great local golf course, which is free to play. Other popular attractions include: the Crystal Cascades, the Everwood Theme Park, and the Tinkerbell’s Theme Park. You’ll also find sailing, and tubing.

Buying Recycled Products Comes With Numerous Benefits In Addition To Reducing Your Carbon Footprint:

If you’re thinking about using HardieFence but you have a couple of questions, check out our FAQS below. We’ve answered the most common queries we get about this range so that you can make an informed decision about your next fence.

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We also offer plinth’s /allywall retaining , steel privacy lattice ,repair’s removal of old colorbond / asbesto’s/ Hardie / pinelap fencing. Dura-Fenz has been providing effective pool fencing barriers for over 10 years. We must remind parents of the importance of parental supervision, and we can accept no responsibility for accidents or poor supervision. The Ezicleen Surface Protection treatment gives a permanent protective coating to all glass surfaces. A once only application to your glass pool fencing is all you need to keep it looking new, UV stable and impervious to water. Nanokote WA offers a glass protection coating for pool fencing to prevent build up from salt and chlorinated water by sealing the glass surface to repel everything that come into contact with it.

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HardiFence may be installed in both flat and sloped areas and works properly in sandy soil varieties. If the property was built prior to 1985 then asbestos is very likely to have been used in the construction of the home and the fences. Between 1985 and 1990 asbestos products were no longer made; but due to stockpiles there are some buildings that were built during this period that contain asbestos products. So if your property was built between 1985 and 1990, then there is still a chance it contains asbestos, and you should get it checked by a professional.

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Our professionals deal with a wide range of fencing options for commercial, industrial or residential purposes. When it comes to fencing, leave it up to the professionals like us. Greenline Fencing can offer effective solutions for all your fencing projects.


The area offers three golf courses for players of all levels of experience. These have eighteen holes plus two miniature golf courses. The area also has several championship golf courses that are offered year round. There is also an area of interest that allows visitors to experience gold panning, dredging and gold collecting.

The material has come down in price as it is now used for all types of building applications on properties, including for roofs and garages. The physical labour that goes into putting up a Hardie fence is also double that of a Colorbond fence. HardiFence, on the other hand, does not come in a finished colour.

It has killed more than 10,000 people in Australia alone since the early 1980’s and is expected to claim the lives of an additional 25,000 people over the next four decades. Interestingly family pets, primarily dogs, have also been increasingly diagnosed and died as a result of Mesothelioma. The latency period in animals differs to that of humans with most dogs that have been diagnosed being an average of approximately 8 years old.

Hardifence Perth is an ideal place for a family holiday. There are plenty of self-catering holiday cottages available to rent direct from their owners. The cottage rental rates are reasonable and you can choose between a range of different packages that allow you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.