The fencing scene in Perth consists of both licensed and unlicensed installers. An unlicensed installer may do the job at a relatively lower rate, but there are several disadvantages of hiring one. For starters, only a licensed fencing service can provide a high quality of service that eventually increases the value of your property. Besides, a licensed service has specialised training in doing critical jobs such as asbestos fence removal. 

Hiring a licensed fencing contractor  

A licensed fencing contractor has the experience and expertise needed to handle diverse fencing needs. Have a look at all the benefits of hiring a licensed service as listed below.

Suggest the right options

An unlicensed contractor may only deal with one type of fencing and thereby cannot work with different options. On the other hand, a licensed person is knowledgeable about the pros and cons of different options. The expert will explain the difference between colorbond fencing and slat fencing to help you choose the right one according to your requirements. If your current fence has suffered from storm damage, you need to call a licensed fencing expert who can handle the re-fencing work. He can suggest and install fences with a strong visual appeal and those that will last longer.  

Removing old asbestos fences 

Asbestos is highly hazardous to health and is completely banned in Australia. Nevertheless, if you have an old house, the chances are that it retains an old asbestos fence. You can only get it removed by someone licensed to do the job. There are specific precautions to be taken and procedures to be followed. An unlicensed agency may botch up the job and cause asbestos to leech in the air, thereby affecting the health of the homeowner and themselves. 

Get the job done fast  

Licensed fencing services have years of professional experience in installing fences. They have ready access to all the tools besides having the right manpower for the job. The job will be done quickly and efficiently and without any problem. Unlike unlicensed services, they do not have to rent the equipment needed for fence installation. Also, since they have the experience, there is less risk of making mistakes in fencing. One such mistake is not installing the fence along the property line. A reputed fencing service has the resources to hire a surveyor to mark the exact property line, thereby avoiding the cost of re-fencing later on. 

Hire the best fencing contractor

We are a licensed service with more than 20 years of experience in offering fencing solutions. We handle asbestos removal as well as storm damage repair of fencing. Call us now to get a proper quote and have the job completed fast.