Storm damage to fences may or may not be covered in your home insurance policy. Even if it is covered, expect only to receive a part of the expenditure from your insurance provider. This blog provides you a roundup of the possible scenarios of settling an insurance claim following fence damage. A licensed fencing service provider can provide you with valuable advice besides restoring the damaged fence. 

Insurance cover for fence damage

If your fence has suffered damage, it comes under several likely scenarios. Whether you get an insurance settlement depends on the type of fence, the type of damage, and its extent. Here are a few possible scenarios that you should be aware of. 

When are fences covered by home insurance?

First of all, remember that fences are not typically considered as a part of your home. This technical issue in the policy matters may make them ineligible for coverage. However, some policies make an exception under certain circumstances. Nevertheless, it is up to the scrutiny of the insurance provider to decide your eligibility for coverage. The insurance company will determine the cause of the damage, the type of fence, and the extent of repair work needed to restore it. If it has been damaged by a force of nature, such as a storm, you may or may not be eligible to get a settlement claim depending on the specifics of your insurance policy. 

When are fences not covered by home insurance?

The following are situations when fence damage is not covered by insurance. If your property has a wooden fence, damages caused by wear and tear, termites, and mould is not covered. 

Next, if it is determined that the damage has been caused by negligence, you will not receive coverage. Examples of negligence include hitting the fence with your car, not pruning trees that may fall upon your property, and landscaping mishaps. 

How to prevent fence damage?

The best option, in any case, is to prevent any damage to the fence. You should keep this in mind, especially when installing a new fence. Always call upon a licensed fencing contractor over an unlicensed service. The licensed service will use the right amount of concrete and other fixtures to erect stable fences that are resistant to damages. They have the manpower and resources to do a strong job that can withstand the vagaries of weather. 

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