Colorbond steel is not only a highly durable and secured solution, but it is also a sustainable fencing alternative. Practically, nothing goes to waste because it is completely recyclable. Using Colorbond instead of timber also prevents cutting down trees. 

Can fences be sustainable as well? Yes, indeed. In fact, everyone installing new fencing should take into account the sustainability factor. It’s the small decisions like these that eventually create a great big picture. As it turns out, Colorbond fencing is incredibly sustainable besides being a good investment to ensure the security and privacy of your property. Let’s have a look at the various benefits of having a Colorbond fence installed, from the sustainability viewpoint. 

Save Trees

The moment you choose steel fencing over timber, you do your bit in saving a tree from being felled. Just imagine how many trees have been saved by millions of Colorbond installations over the five decades of its existence! You should be proud of doing your bit to save the environment by replacing timber fencing with Colorbond steel. 

Low Maintenance

Colorbond steel is practically zero maintenance. You would require nothing more than the occasional wash with soap and water. You would not need to paint it over after every few years or use a sealant. It’s good to remember that both paints and sealants are industrial-grade chemicals. By avoiding them, you are doing a service to the earth! Just imagine how many million cans of paints and sealants have been saved from being used just by choosing to install Colorbond steel fencing


Colorbond steel has been tested to withstand the harsh Australian climate year after year. Its long life effectively means the conservation of energy and resources that would have been invested in the products with shorter life spans.  


Colorbond is made out of recycled steel. The fencing installed can be recycled in full without any wastage. Sometimes, it can be reused as it is, without reprocessing, thereby saving energy and use of vital resources. 

Sometimes, the steel products are delivered covered with a plastic film called CORSTRIP. It is meant to prevent any damage during transportation and installation. It is made from 100% Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and can be recycled as well.  This plastic film can be recycled via a national REDcycle program.  It is a national program designed to recycle plastic materials such as CORSTRIP into indoor and outdoor furniture. 

Thermal Efficiency

If you use certain types of Colorbond steel for roofing, they qualify as solar reflective material according to the Green Star Communities Tool. Every colour in the standard Colorbond steel range, except the Night Sky, features Thermatech solar reflectance technology. This technology can reflect a great degree of sun’s heat, thereby keeping the room cool and cutting down on air conditioning usage. You can buy the steel panels from a fencing service provider and get a roofer to install them, whenever needed. 

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