When choosing a fence, one must consider not just how stunning it looks, but also how well it performs, as well as how much maintenance it requires. It is easy to create the look you want with Colorbond fencing. Colorbond fencings are inspired by the beauty of Australia’s own backyard. It doesn’t matter whether you want soft or bold colours, light or dark, cool or warm, you’ll find colours that enhance the beauty of your garden and complement your home.

Reason behind choosing Colorbond fencing

The following reasons will convince you to choose Colorbond fencing.

Fire protection

In bushfire zones, Colorbond roofs offer additional protection for your home during the dry months. A study conducted by the CSIRO found that steel fences offered greater fire protection than any other material before and were non-combustible. 

Energy efficiency and environment

The benefits of a Colorbond roof are thermal efficiency and solar reflection. There are various colour options available to choose from. Also, to keep your home cool and your energy bill low, every standard colour includes ‘Thermatech solar reflective technology’.


Depending on your needs, Colorbond roofs come with various warranties. You should ask your specific installation company about warranty options and how they can help. 

Easy maintenance

In order to maintain the longevity and attractiveness of Colorbond roofing, it needs to be regularly cleaned with fresh, clean water. It would be wise to hose down windows, garage doors, and gutters on the eaves every six months. 

Factors that influence the cost of Colorbond fencing

A professional Colorbond fence installer will purchase all the necessary parts for the job after talking with you about what you want. The following factors are taken into consideration when formulating a quote: 

  • The complexity of the project 
  • Location and access
  • Time required 
  • The size of the fence 
  • The slope of the ground area
  • Choice in materials

Choosing an expert Colorbond fencing company

JM Fencing specialises in the installation of Colorbond fencing and Colorbond gates and can provide an additional 300mm of height to any Colorbond fence with the installation of the lattice. Over the last 40 years, we have completed a number of sensational luxurious and unique projects, establishing a reputation as one of the best Colorbond fencing experts in Perth. Please contact us today for a quote for a Colorbond Fence or Gate solution. We are eagerly waiting for the opportunity to work with you.