Colorbond steel as long-term solutions

If you are considering re-fencing your property, go for colorbond steel. These are made of steel coated with a layer of zinc and aluminum. They are very durable and can withstand the vagaries of weather for as long as twenty years without needing any replacement. These are easy to install and are available in a wide array of color options.

A Tough Material

Galvanised steel is practically rust-free. It will withstand heavy rains and hard summer conditions without any problem for years on end. Denting is a common problem with aluminum fences. On the other hand, stainless steel does not bend or dent easily. Neither will it develop cracks or be affected by termites, as is a usual issue with timber fencing. These are also fireproof to a large extent and are ideally suitable if your property is located in an area prone to bushfires. 

Permanent Colour

The colour is bonded with the grain of the material in the production stage. This means that it will not fade or show colourless patches even after years of use. The paint will not flake or chip over time. These are available in as many as twenty different colour options. You can get a panel matched with the exterior paint of your house to comply with your aesthetic requirements. 

A Secured Solution

The steel surface is completely smooth. It has no space for securing a foothold. This allows it to offer protection from criminals who cannot climb on top of it. This property makes it an ideal option for both commercial and residential properties where a high degree of security is expected. They come in modular panels and are very easy to install.  

Eco-friendly Material

The material is almost 100% recyclable. It is a far cry from toxic asbestos or lead paints. 

Low Maintenance

These fences have virtually no maintenance. You do not have to invest in repairs for years to come. This makes them an extremely cost-effective option in the long term. 

Hiring an Experienced Contractor

JM Fencing has 40 years of experience in the field. We are licensed contractors handling all kinds of fencing works in Perth. Call us now to discuss your requirements and receive the best quote.