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Horse Fencing Perth

Even if they managed to get themselves tangled; the ‘give’ of the product means there is no risk of limbs being bent at weird and unnatural angles. Everyone’s got a budget to adhere to and with Horserail® products there is a variety of setups to work with any bottom line. For homeowners, we provide a better, smarter way to connect with local tradies to get a job done well. For tradies, our platform helps you grow your business by providing quality leads from customers looking for a specific trade. A single installer might cost around $66.00 per hour or two installers might cost $99.00 per hour.

Cyclone understands the needs of it’s customers and continues to manufacture and develop a wide range of products to suit many applications. As the leader in China WPC industry,Seven Trust is selling its WPC products to over 100 countries in the world,such as America,Russia,South Africa,Thailand,Germany,Spain,Finland,Australia etc. The first properties in Australia put this product up 25 years ago and it’s still standing today!

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It does look heaps better & our horses, especially the stallions are a lot less reluctant to take it on then the electric. The electrics; all fixed on with timber post offsets and in the corners we used porcelain rounds. The top strand is just at the top of the post/runs about low to mid top rail – stops the horses leaning over the pole or chewing on it.

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Also keep the wire free from the tree as diameter growth will cause gaps in a few years. This problem can be avoided by joining the two wire ends with tyre tube to allow for expansion.

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A fence, consisting of five wires should exclude sheep, while three wires are likely to prevent calves and cows entering the enclosed area. To allow for restricted grazing under the trees, install a gate.

This property runs its own team of horses, and BYO horse is strictly on approval. Our fences are made high enough though to discourage leaning over and the electrics also deter any one who might like to try. We’ve had both a heavy sand property and our current rock hard clay property and have never had to cement posts in and they are all standing upright. We hired a 1 man post hole digger for the grunt work and a couple of gents to do the post and rail part, I finished the electrics myself.

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These playgrounds offer a safe play environment, often with sand or rubber soft fall to save little knees. At Horse Gear Outlet, as horse owners, we understand the importance of a worming program being affordable, so we offerKelato Range of Rotational Horse Wormersat very competitive prices. Worming your horse is often something that is overlooked or ‘put off’ as, let’s face it, it’s not fun for us or the horse, and it can often be seen as an added expense that can be delayed. Worm infestations are often not visible to the eye, however can have a very hamful effect on your horse’s health. There is little point in spending a fortune feeding your horse, if you aren’t following a suitable worming program. We have so many quality brands and styles available ranging from Pony to Warmblood for all disciplines.

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We also manufacture PVC gates to match the different styles of post and rail fencing, alongside other rural fencing supplies in Perth . Horse fencing is a necessary consideration when keeping horses due to the innate fight and flight response they have and the hence the ability to easily injure themselves on fencing.


We can supply picket fencing in Perth as well as having a great variety of privacy fencing for Perth residences. Horserail fencing is made for longevity, for giving on impact, for cushioning the horse, for overall safety. For low maintenance, for it’s good looks and ease of installation.

  • FENCiT is an established and engaged community – by the industry for the industry.
  • If you want fencing that lasts and lasts, there’s no better choice than our PVC fencing.
  • All prices are approximate and may depend on the supplier and the complexity of the fence.
  • Permanent fencing around young trees can be constructed so that it will continue to provide protection once the tree matures.
  • I figure my fencing guy, who’s been in the business for 50 yrs , knows a thing or two about building fences.

PVC Horse fencing; PVC picket fencing; PVC Landscape fencing; PVC Privacy fencing; PVC Event Fence Hire & Sales Contact us via our online form or email for a FREE quote today. Couldn’t ask for a better mob of people to care for your horses. Have been here twice and both times i have had great service from all the staff.

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With a limited manufacturer’s warranty of 30 years, Horserail fencing has unmatched durability. Unlike traditional wooden post and rail, Horserail won’t fade, warp or become brittle in extreme weather conditions.

Get in on the action and be part of the glitz and the glamour, or as those who have actually owned horses know, the hard work, the expense and the dirt. After re analysis samples from horses trained by Justin Warwick, Stephen Rowe and Terry Brennan have been found to be below the screening limit. As previously mentioned the drugs threshold was changed recently from 5 to 7 days. I understand RWWA published the fact in the racing calendar which people could be forgiven for not reading as the publication has been hit and miss the last 12 months. He has mentored a great number of young people in the industry. One of the icons of the industry has been lost due to a rule change that wasn’t very well broadcasted.


Our business started 6 years ago from the desire to source natural and holistic products to help the health of our own horses and dogs. After years of struggling with traditional medications and no improvement in one of our horses we looked at alternative treatments in the way of Aloe Vera and Herbs with outstanding results. Our post & rails have been in for over 6 years & we have only had to replace maybe 3 posts & possibly 4 or 5 rails in that time. Where as we are constantly maintaining the electric components of our fencing.

Farmers and small property owners can use a variety of methods to successfully protect their young and mature trees. You will need to turn up at least PM daily to feed your horse with your feed and rug appropriately. Close to Two major Equine Vet Practices, Pony Clubs, an mins from horse beaches. We have a lovely property only 45 mins south of Perth conveniently located next to the Kwinana Freeway just off the Safety Bay Rd off ramp. On to the next job and we need to ensure that our materials are delivered on time, that they have been carefully selected for quality and that they deliver on customer expectations cost effectively. Hi we have a lot of people asking about the fence paint we are using. I believe you will have some more orders from Graydens rd!!

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These prices do not include the number of hours installers have to work. The number of hours will depend on the size of the fence and the topography of the area.

This was no problem as we simply unfastened sections of the tape within minutes and refastened and tensioned when he had finished. FENCETASTIC PVC fencing provide an ideal combination of durability, strength, colour consistency and excellent weathering capabilities to withstand the harsh elements within Australia.

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We’re committed to offering the best quality PVC fencing in Perth, which is why we offer a 50 year warranty on all our fencing, including our picket fencing in Perth. If you want fencing that lasts and lasts, there’s no better choice than our PVC fencing. Horserail® is designed to be easily installed using a patented procedure for attaching, joining and tensioning. There is no stripping, crimping or notching needed and the end result is a properly installed fence with no exposed wires. One incidence even saw a car crash through Horserail fencing at over 100km/hr. The posts snapped at ground level and the rail sprang back to the original tension. Polyethylene, as used for Horserail, has predominantly been used in premium industrial products such as paint containers, electrical cables, irrigation pipe and water tanks.

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The best way to estimate how much a fence will cost is to get quotes for fences from rural fencing suppliers. Describe the length of the fence, the type of fence you need and any topographical features the fence builder would need to know about.

2think fencing is australia’s leading manufacturer & supplier of pvc fences from horse safe fencing, the thoroughbred of pvc fences and composite fences. 2we stock a large range of quality fences & gates supplied and installed to all suburbs in perth. I have been looking for a product to paint, preserve and deter wood chewing for a while. I took the chance and bought your product and have found it excellent! It dries quickly and unlike the oil based formulas leaves no residue to spoil clothing etc when you touch it. It has also cured a new horse we have on the property from wood chewing through the fence, and consequently teaching other young horses to chew! ( very annoying!) I would highly recommend this product and have ordered more myself.