Modular Fencing Perth

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Modular Fencing Perth

We get the job done properly and on-time, with minimal disruption to your home or commercial property. Supplying and installing concrete panel and post retaining walls to the Perth market since 1979. Bradford Retaining have become market leaders in design and innovation releasing its new Stone range panels whilst continuing to provide cost effective solutions for all walling requirements. Concrete post and panel retaining walls are a cost-effective addition to your fence lines. They are made up of reinforced concrete and build up to a height of 1.2m. The posts are installed separately by maintaining a certain distance between the two posts to make sure that the panel insertion is appropriate.

Add value to residential homes with a lightweight wall system that replicates the look of a rendered masonry wall, without the cost or hassle. Invest in your peace and quiet with proven acoustic fences that effectively reduce traffic and neighbourhood noise. Create a stylish, peaceful courtyard space with acoustically rated walls that reach up to 3m high…without losing space to wide strip footings. Make a grand and welcoming statement with a customised front wall, designed specifically for your home. Redgum Brooke Estate required an acoustic wall to protect their community from traffic noise, as well as from future extensions of the Tonkin Highway. All Councils/local authorities have different rules regarding building projects and pool fencing. It is important that you check with your local authority about your requirements.

  • Glenn and his team delivered exactly what was asked for, and quoted on.
  • Now stronger than ever, our product complies with recent revised Australian Standards relating to retaining wall systems.
  • Fencing Perth handles all types of fence repair work and refurbishments.
  • The different types of fencing available on the market come in many different styles.

We supply both traditional fencing options and our own uniquely designed and manufactured products to builders, developers and fencing installers / contractors. We are most well known for our two innovative products, Allywall and Paralink. Allywall is stronger, more compact, better looking and more durable than concrete retaining walls, making it ideal for high-density dwellings. Paralink is an innovative fencing product that offers beautifully flush joins and great looks from either side.

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An old fashioned wood fence is exceptionally strong even under harsh weather conditions we experience in Perth. It has an wonderful, natural feel to soften up your properties limits. Furthermore, it produces outstanding security to your home or commercial space. Our team of professional fencing contractors in Perth are skilled when it comes to working with Colorbond® Steel. Our team know exactly how to build fences to endure the harsh Australian weather. With Palermo Fencing Perth, our fencing solutions made from Colorbond® Steel mean you can have complete peace of mind, knowing that your fencing will be reliable and also look stunning for many years ahead.


This tough aluminium fencing option is easy-to-maintain and looks great in between brick or concrete piers. This client in Stirling had a lovely alfresco area but one side had a low corrugated fence which they wanted to hide. With the intervention of Perth Outdoor Installations, this unfortunate aspect was transformed to a feature and immediately created a pleasant place to be. The panels come in a wide range of sizes, colours and textures to suit your every need.

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We offer many different options to choose from and an easy to fit guideto make any pool fence, balcony application or outdoor area easy to design. The glass is clear, toughened and available in 10mm and 12mm thickness depending on desired span and design, with several height options as well. Well designed & built fences and trellises will not only deliver improved productivity but also better outcomes, regardless of the industry you operate in. Waratah is not just an Australian company, we also employ Australians to manufacture our steel, wire and posts in mills located all over this great countryto suit all Australian farming conditions. With over 135 years of fencing experience, delivered via the largest sales support team in Australian we not only understand our farmers but we have been able to build relationships through generations of customers. Waratah understands that by providing the best fencing solutions and knowledge, not only will our customers get a fence that lasts, but with the added sercurity and support there is hope for the future and their business. As wall or walls to seamlessly integrate a garden shed or pump house into your backyard boundary fence.

Modular fencing Perth can be purchased in both the permanent and detachable varieties. There are different reasons why people prefer them. One is that the styles are so versatile and they are also easily assembled or disassembled. This makes it easier for people to move them to a new location if they feel that their security needs have changed. They are very economical as well. A steel section is less expensive than a traditional fence made of wood.

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The Twinside brand is well known for its highly durable and extremely strong designs, making this style one of the more popular in the Perth area. Twin side is a type of prefabricated, modular design that is constructed out of a series of aesthetically pleasing concrete posts and panels. Options include a wide variety of colours and patterns that are even displayed on both sides of the panel. Individual posts will be custom cut to the perfect height, based on the agree-upon design and perimeter location of your high quality retaining wall.

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Building retaining walls needs an innovative approach to make sure your wall complies with the structure. Resolution Fencing is Perth’s leading structural retaining walls installation professionals, specialized in installing modular walls, limestone walls, concrete post and panel walls. Jim’s Fencing services include expert advice and installation for boundary, noise reduction and feature fencing, as well as fences for housing estates. We take pride in our customer service and are more than happy to provide you with a consultation regarding modular wall systems. The Jim’s Group franchisees have been servicing the Australian community for nearly 30 years. We believe in top-quality fencing that is highly functional, durable and attractive. Our well-trained franchisees aim for quality results and offer our customers the Jim’s Fencing 100% guarantee.

A fence is a considerable time and money investment, so it’s best to go with an option that will last. Enjoy the sense of freedom and security – get in touch with the experts at PTF for all your temporary fencing requirements. PTF interlocking Hoarding Fence comes with clamp connectors, which ensure that the fence stays upright in a cold stormy night. Our top-quality fences can also be used as crowd control barriers, preventing the inline breakthrough of the crowd. Should you have something unique in mind, we can custom design for your individual project. Modular System – Accidentally damaged panels can be easily replaced and infinite stepping of panels. It has the ability to be designed in a variety of shapes and light, neutral colour, makes it a truly versatile option that will brighten up any space.

Modular Fencing Perth

We’re a family owned business which has been operating since 1997, originating on the Gold Coast. Our expanding business is committed to keeping up with the latest fencing styles and designs. In addition to skilled factory staff, our suppliers retains their own Quality Assurance people to review shipments. Random sampling of glass is undertaken to ensure compliance with detailed quality assurance specifications relating to glass surface finish, edge finish, labelling identification, packing specification and the like. Quality assurance reports are provided to management and the factory to ensure the highest standards are continually achieved and monitored. Many of our employees, including key personnel, have been in the company in excess of 20 years.

Whatever the challenge, Mark is always available to offer a solution to meet your needs. Modular Wall Systems provide Australia’s popular modular acoustic & boundary walling solutions. The perfect cost-effective and hassle free alternative to brick walls, Modular Wall Systems are designed for easy DIY installation and proven noise reduction. With the look of a rendered masonry wall at a much more affordable price tag, Modular Wall Systems have become the alternate solution to building a brick wall. At Skilled Fencing WA, we can offer many different thicknesses, wall panels and posts with all options designed to assist with noise reduction. TerraFirm integrates the retaining wall/fence or boundary wall in one seamless design. TerraFirm retaining panels can be built into ModularWalls to accommodate retaining requirements up to 750mm without the need and cost of building a standard masonry retaining wall.

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Browse our product range and get in touch if you have any questions. Our always expanding range of products includes cubby houses, playground equipment, chain wire fencing, welded mesh fencing, security fencing and all your hardware necessary to install your projects. Knowing what your fence needs to do is an important first step in choosing a modern home fence design.

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A boundary retaining wall was installed by your company via the builder. Unfortunately my daughter was running low on funds so I recently requested a quote for materials only. Made from precast reinforced concrete, and available in a variety of colours and finishes our incredible retaining wall systems are ideal for a wide range of applications. We manufacture all our own pre-cast concrete and limestone-look walling panels which have been expertly designed to offer maximum strength, durability and aesthetic appeal.

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They are made with the thickest reinforcement bars and exceed all industry standards for strength and durability. Available in a range of colours, textures and finishes, our retaining wall products can be used to create a variety of fencing and walling solutions up to 3.6 meters in height and any required length. Our non-textured products, as well as all our galvanised steel posts, can be painted in traditional external coatings to seamlessly complement the aesthetics of any site. The Fosters Fencing Perth team are specialist installers of domestic fencing Perth specializing incolorbond fencing, hardifence, pinelap timber fencing&concrete panel & post retaining walls. slat infill panels perth our products are designed to improve the security and enhance the appearance of your property. Our commercial retaining panels also seamlessly integrate into our boundary or noise barrier systems, offering a highly simplified wall solution. With the added option to integrate designer features such as lighting, letterboxes, slats, infills and more, never before has one fence held so much potential.

With added opportunities to integrate retaining panels or lighting, letterboxes, slats and infills, never before has one fence held so much potential. All Fencing Perth are professional and experienced installers of panel and post concrete retaining walls in Perth. As house blocks become smaller and smaller, managing noise from neighbours is becoming increasingly important. Traditional timber fences do assist with noise reduction but do not come close to the acoustic qualities of modular wall systems. Modular fences are sleek and neat, and can be painted, textured or rendered. From our local base in Bayswater, Perth, we manufacture and wholesale fencing products made of steel, aluminium and timber.

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The engineering and infrastructure market utilise Locker’s extensive range of industrial flooring products and systems. Within each application type, Locker will have a range of profiles to choose that will suit your particular requirements, or can custom manufacture to your exacting specifications. Recently bought a DIY xpress screen kit for alu slats, ped gate and large vehicle sliding gate. Tim had very good advice for my order, and materials were reasonably priced.

Perma Fence™ has been engineered to provide significant noise reduction, making it ideal for both residential and commercial projects. Fitted all fence panels and gates on the weekend, Turned out perfect.

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slat fencing system that hides all the screws for a seamless finish. Gap sizes between slats are also completely customisable, so you can set the level of privacy you want. Construction materials and fencing designs have advanced tremendously over the past few years, giving homeowners an abundance of choice when it comes to fencing their Perth home.