How Much Does It Cost To Build A Fence?

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Colorbond Fencing Perth Cost Per Metre

We insert the lower end of the panel first so that the first corrugation overlaps with the corrugation of the last panel. After this, we push the second panel into the bottom rail and push the top rail down to secure the second panel. If there is one thing to really love about these fences, then it is the fact that they require very low maintenance.

I have looked at colorbond fencing and received two quotes so far. We are looking at 72metres and the quotes were for removal of 1.5m paling fence and installation of 1.5m colorbond. First quote was $8979 and the second quote was $7000.

It pays to know the approximate amount of fencing sheets to help you prepare a reliable budget reference. Here’s the estimated cost of the common Colorbond fencing materials. Compare and choose the best professional for your job. Colorbond fence panels generally come in 1.5m or 1.8m sizes, however they can be cut to different sizes if you prefer a smaller fence.

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  • Prices below this you should be weary of as none genuine components could be used or inadequate concrete footings installed to save on costs.
  • Because it’s COLORBOND® steel, there’s no need to be spending your time painting, oiling or replacing palings.
  • Warranty subject to exclusions, application and eligibility criteria.

Very few fence types offer the same money-saving features as Colorbond, however, and non-professional installations can open you up to all kinds of problems. Depending on the length of your fence, installation can take anywhere from 2 days or more. It is important to follow manufacturer instructions not only for the Colorbond materials but for the type of concrete you use as well. Team Work Fencing aim to have your fence up as fast as possible so as not to compromise your security. Please notify us while quoting if you require temporary fencing during installation. Overall, there isn’t a major cost difference between DIY and professional Colorbond fencing installations.

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They will work out a quote based on the complexity of the project. Depending on where you live, installation costs will be between $65 and $100 per metre.

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Adelaide Northern Fencing had the pleasure of installing a range of fences from colour bond fences, singles and double gates, and tubular fences. Trim Panels are available in a range of depths and are made as a standard length to suit fence sections 2.35m-2.4m Colorbond®. They are suitable for installing over garden beds as well as over paving/retaining walls. However we are more than happy to custom fabricate panels to suit your application. 2use our online cost calculator as pricing guide for paling fences, merbau, brush, picket fencing, electric driveway gates, fence removal & more.

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We have the largest stock holding of fence materials in the Southern Hemisphere. colorbond fencing installation cost Perth is generally $75/m. To ensure the fence is strong and stable, we let the colorbond posts cement overnight and then change the sheets the next day. This ensures that the posts will not be disturbed by the winds during the settling process and keeps the fence straight and secure. Some of our competitors will place the posts & sheets on the same day, which can result in an unstable and weak fence.

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BlueScope has dedicated 50 years of innovation and testing to produce COLORBOND® steel. Because it’s COLORBOND® steel, there’s no need to be spending your time painting, oiling or replacing palings.

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Our fence extensions are available in a huge range of colours to perfectly compliment your current fencing. The Insert Height Extension cannot be fitted to a sloping fence. ColorbondFence Extensions Fence Toppers Jims Fencing When it comes to versatility, a Colorbond fence is a great option for many homeowners.

If it is a masonry fence, the height limit before permit is generally 1m. Single gate and double gate options are available for most fencing designs. Sliding driveway gates are also available for several fence styles. Sliding driveway gates can be ordered with a motorised remote gate opener to make parking easy.

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It is a personal choice of what materials to use including treated pine, treated hardwood, concrete sleepers or colorbond sleepers to match your colorbond fence. View topic Extending Colorbond Fence Home Renovation The other fence is colorbond and will need extending to reach the 1800mm height required. The amount which the fence needs to be extended is from 200mm through to 1200mm.


Moreover, you will have hit the jackpot if you reside in a place where it frequently rains; then, even the occasional wipe down will not be required. Would just like to pass on a huge thank you to all at the Fencing Factory for a job well done. Thanks to Ben and the team for a great all round product, service & hassle free installation. Off to work fully assured that the new fencing will keep my dogs in and safe and keep trespassers out. Invest in a fence that’ll boost your property value, transform your outdoor area and enhance your outdoor lifestyle.

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In many cases, installers will charge less per metre for larger fences. For a 1.8m high fence, an installer might charge $100 per metre for a small fence up to 10 metres long. If the fence is 30 to 50 metres long, the cost may be $82 per metre. If it is a very long fence (100m+), the cost may be just $68 per metre. You can find the estimated costs for common repair jobs via the online booking system. Simply select the trade you need and follow the prompts to identify the required repair service and the estimated price will be indicated. You can also call and speak to one of our Consultants who will be able to provide you with an estimate.

The moisture sitting in the soil, were it to make contact with any minute scratches, could rust the fence. Most people choose Colorbond over Hardie where they can. They aren’t installing Hardie fencing into new builds.

Another great style option is the mix of lattice designs to choose from, the icing on the cake when finishing installing your Colorbond fence. This adds a touch of the wow factor when it comes to cleverly designed home exteriors. When you are sorting through style options with a professional, you can choose between open scheme fences or fully covered fences . There are a multitude of options to discuss prior to picking your design. Prices also vary according to what most fence installers in your State charge. $65 to $80 per metre for labour costs depending on your State, project specifications and their level of expertise. Ask for assistance from a professional fencing installer to know the exact dimensions of your property and provide you with proper estimates.

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Let Team Work Fencing take care of calculating the amount of materials you need. Colorbond fencing has a warranty of 10 years but as long as the footing of the fence is not compromised and you follow our care guide, the fence should last a lifetime. The standard height of Colorbond fencing is 1.8 meters for boundary fencing. For street boundary fencing or for the front of your property the standard is 1.2 metres high. DIY installations are possible with this type of fencing if you are willing to put in the time and effort. However, there are lots of goodreasons to hire professional fencing contractorsfor Colorbond fencing installations in Perth and Bunbury. Yes, hiring a professional ensures your Colorbond fencing is accurately and safely installed to the highest standard.

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This should be a lifetime investment that adds value to your property, so you want your fence to look its best. Colorbond fencing sheets can be pressed a number of different ways depending on the manufacturer.