Colorbond Fencing Suppliers & Contractors In Perth

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Colorbond Fencing Suppliers Perth

We are proudly on the spec sheet for land developers and builders across Perth and WA, as our FSC-designed products are proving to be a fantastic fit for high-density suburban living. Fencing contractors also find that our range nicely complements traditional Colorbond products. Innovation isn’t something usually associated with fencing.

Colorbond & Boundary Fencing Perth

Choose a tab to see our Colorbond colour range, Colorbond fence and gate specifications, and browse some available accessories for Colorbond fences and gates. Maintenance is simple, all you need to do is give it the occasional wash down and it will last you for years.

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With a list of Recommended Contractors that have passed the R & R Quality test servicing ALL AREAS of WA. Come and visit our convenient drive-through warehouse in Kelmscott. You can pull up, load up on our Standard range of Fencing and Gate supplies and be on your way in under 20 minutes.

Colorbond fencing comes in a range of colours to suit your home and taste. Colorbond fencing won’t rot, warp or twist, and will never need painting. With it’s clever assembly and post installation system, Colorbond fencing goes up fast, stays in strong, and looks terrific. At Mackson, we supply a wide range of Colorbond fencing panels for any kind of fencing project. Colorbond panels are Australia’s favourite boundary fencing solution and is highly regarded as one of the most versatile and durable fencing materials. A fence constructed with Colorbond steel also adds modern street appeal, while increasing security and value to your home or business. Ordered the fence and gates one week; ready the next!

Fosters Fencing Perth

Aluminum fencing is made from the finest aluminum available. It is one of the strongest types of fencing available in today’s market. Because it is so strong, you will be able to enjoy all of the security measures that are offered by this high quality fence material. The aluminum fencing panels are very durable, which means that they will last for a very long time without needing to be replaced. This is one of the reasons that they are used by so many professional security companies. They offer top quality products that will allow you to enjoy excellent protection.

Thick & Durable Colorbond Fences Perth

Custom sizes are available on both Colorbond fences and Colorbond gates, as well as accessories such as fence extensions and plinths . Colorbond fence panels and Colorbond gates are available in standard heights of 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm and 2100mm. Colorbond gates are available in standard 930mm and 1720mm widths. Colorbond fence panels are available in standard 2400mm and 3180mm widths.

Areas Serviced In Western Australia:

It’s great to hear that clients appreciate our ease of access and central location as they travel north and south to site. The top and bottom rails set the panels at the correct height making the whole assembly process very easy. If you are a new Trade Customer looking to join the R & R list of supply contractors contact our Operations Manager on or to discuss our Trade Pricing, Credit Terms, Support & Benefits. As Perth’s leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Fencing & Gate solutions, we supply to well over 150 Fencing Installation Contractors across WA.

We also offer fence additions such as lattice extensions and retaining plinths. When choosing a fence, there is no one size fits all solution. For homeowners who want a custom fence with visual appeal that accentuates and elevates their outdoor space, a feature fence may be the best option.

Colorbond Fence Installation

Team Work Fencing Contractors have a number of residential fencing solutions to offer. Whether you are looking for Colourbond Fence Installation, Decorative fence designs, pool fences, we have the styles and options that will fit your needs and your budget. He was very professional and would definitely recommend him. Colorbond fencing is durable, stylish and comes in a variety of colourways. Your boundary fencing is one of the initial features that people notice when they come to your home.

Why Aussie Fencing

If you are searching for the best high quality fencing materials and the manufacturers that offer them in Perth, Western Australia you need to take a look at Colorbond Fencing Suppliers. If you take a close look at this company’s website, you will see that they have many different types of fencing panels and accessories that you can purchase to enhance your security measures at your home or business. Their wide variety of fences includes aluminum, wrought iron, vinyl, wood, and mesh. They even have accessories that will add security to your doors and windows. Their fencing suppliers have experts that can help you choose the right fencing panels and other accessories for your home or business. Let’s take a closer look at some of the products that are offered by Colorbond Fencing Suppliers:

  • If you would like to learn more about getting a Colorbond fence for your Perth home or you would like to request a quote, simply call us today.
  • Allywall underneath fixes the soil height variation and closed the gap underneath the fencing.
  • At Combined Metal Industries, we have the capability to produce quality COLORBOND® fencing products to suit your specific demands within rapid turnarounds.
  • Great service, competitive pricing and excellent finish product.
  • Their fencing suppliers have experts that can help you choose the right fencing panels and other accessories for your home or business.
  • Colorbond fence panels are available in standard 2400mm and 3180mm widths.

There is more to installing a Colorbond fence than many realise. For smaller variations in soil height, you may be able to install plinths under the fence to retain the soil on the higher side. Colorbond fence plinths can be installed as Colorbond steel plinths to match your Colorbond fence, as timber pine sleepers, or tubular aluminium plinths. Colorbond fence extensions can also be installed on top of your Colorbond gate to match your fence. Standard Colorbond fence extensions are 300mm high, making a standard 1800mm high fence a total of 2100mm high, or bring a 1500mm Colorbond fence up to a standard height. Contact your local council if you want to install a non-standard Colorbond fence on your property boundary.

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Our goal is to offer quality service at affordable prices. Our fencing specialists are committed to providing you with exceptional service and excellent workmanship. Why not download a brochure for more detail on our range of fencing and gates?


There are circumstances where a client/users’ personally identifiable information will need to be submitted to a 3rd party company in the provision of our services. All due care is taken to ensure this is done in a secure manner.


We would be happy to recommend Metric Fencing to anyone. Our two signature products are Allywall and Paralink. We also supply decorative screening, security fencing, custom gates, pool gates, roll forming, pool fencing, fencing components plus fittings and accessories.

Many security companies in the US use the aluminum fencing material. This type of fencing comes in a wide array of styles, which include Contemporary, Antique, Victorian and more. If you want a more classic look, then you should consider purchasing a Victorian style Aluminium Fencing. These fences are very aesthetically pleasing, which is why they are one of the most popular fencing products offered by a company such as Colorbond.

The high quality steel is impervious to termites and won’t burn. Testing has shown that it can even help protect your home during a bushfire. Additionally, as steel is a recyclable material, Colorbond is a great choice for the environment. As the premier provider of Colorbond fencing supplies in Perth, we have a variety of styles and colours available. With 14 colours to choose from you are sure to find the perfect product to compliment your home. Our experts will install a great solution that will last your home for decades. We offer welded steel frames with our Colorbond Gate Kits to ensure they don’t sag or warp over time.

Request a quote, call us for a chat to learn more or stop by our workshop in Maddington. We can help you with selecting the ideal width and height for your fencing project.

We had a tubular steel fence added to the front of our house. We’re very happy with the price and the finished product and the service provided was exemplary. There was a problem with the gate fitting on the driveway properly, and although it wasn’t their fault, Metric Fencing replaced the gate at no extra cost to us.

Colorbond Fence Extensions

Eric worked with us to make some on-site, last minute changes to ensure we were 110% happy with his work. We can’t wait to have him back to do other jobs around the house. Great service, competitive pricing and excellent finish product. In fact I am getting him to fix few other boundary fence next week. Maher’s Fencing is proud to offer 14 different colours of Colorbond fencing. This boundary fencing is between 900mm to 2100mm high and offers your home robust and secure protection.