Fences are a constant source of neighbourhood conflict. One homeowner’s dream is another’s nightmare. Avoid unwanted tensions and choose a Colorbond Fence to keep everyone happy. There are currently 14 different Colorbond fence colours available. Whether you need fencing for a spacious suburban block or a trendy urban courtyard, Colorbond fencing has a colour for you.

The current Colorbond colour selection takes its inspiration from the unique Australian landscape. The entire range is beautiful and harmonious, but here are the colours we love the most.


Riversand is a soothing and sophisticated colour that lends itself to a wide range of installations. Inspired by the bleached hue of driftwood, Riversand is a warm, neutral shade with a calming quality. It is highly versatile and can work in both rural and urban settings, as well as with traditional and contemporary architecture. Riversand provides the perfect backdrop for a wide variety of plants, especially those with warmer tones.


Ironstone is a bold colour choice that works exceptionally well with modern urban dwellings. Colorbond claims the inspiration for the colour comes from the mountains and stormy skies of Australia. This dark grey with a slight purple hue is undoubtedly atmospheric and can make a stunning feature fence.

Ironstone has a very urban feel to it and works well for courtyards. It can make feature plants ‘pop’ as they contrast with the dark background. Ironstone goes well with modern homes that have grey finishes but may be overpowering for older, traditional properties.

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Shale Grey

Shale Grey is a very soft, unobtrusive colour. The colour is likened to pale grey beach pebbles and early morning mist as it rises from a valley. Shale Grey is on the cooler side of the colour spectrum and will blend in nicely with most landscapes. It’s a very natural and soothing colour that would work well in both rural and urban settings. The colour tones will also work well around a pool area and contrast nicely with the water.


Dune is another natural shade of grey that works well with the Australian landscape. It is warmer in tone compared to Shale Grey but still gives off a calming vibe. The colour draws its inspiration from the native bushland so works well on a rural property. The neutrality of Dune means it is unlikely to clash with most colour schemes and is suitable for modern and traditional properties.

Pale Eucalypt

As the name suggests, this is a pale, light green colour just like the iconic sun-bleached leaf of the gum tree. This muted shade of green will blend in with foliage rather than contrast it. The soft, neutral tones make it suitable for lush suburban gardens and established urban dwellings.

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Colour Considerations

While choosing a colour you love is important, there are a few more factors to consider.

Role of the Fence – thinking about the role you would like your fence to play in your garden. Do you want it to stand out and be a feature or blend into the background?

Warm or Cool Tones – Generally it is best to stick to all warm or all cool tones with it comes to home design. If your building has warm tone finishes, then it is best to go for a fence colour that also contains warm tones and vice versa.

Style of Home – colours are often interpreted as modern or classic. Whatever colour you choose, you need to be sympathetic to the style of your home and try to compliment it. For example, if you have a modern, industrial-style home, an appropriate colour choice would be Ironstone. A very natural, earthy colour such as Pale Eucalypt would look out of place.

Match or No Match – If you already have a Colorbond roof, then it can seem like an obvious choice to use the same colour for your fence. This option works for a double-storey home where there is a reasonable distance between the roof and fence. A single storey home has a more visible roof, and when matched with a fence, the effect can be too much. In this scenario, it is better to stick with the colour but in a different shade. For example, Jasper and Riversand or Basalt and Dune.

To ensure you are happy with your colour choice, Colorbond offers a free swatch service. You can order colour swatches of any fence colour free of charge from the Colorbond website. Alternatively, drop into your local Bunnings and view full-size fence panels instead.

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