Even though timber has been traditionally used for fencing, it is being gradually phased out by new options like Colorbond steel. Timber may be less expensive to install but is neither as durable nor as safe as a steel fence is. See why here at JM Fencing, we choose Colorbond.


Most timber fences are made of treated pine. It is highly resistant to weather extremes and undergoes chemical treatment to resist pests and fungi. Nevertheless, timber is still prone to rot, and a time would come when it becomes unusable. 

Colorbond is more durable

On the other hand, Colorbond steel is a stunner when it comes to durability. The inherent strength of steel can make it stand as it is for several decades. Furthermore, it is galvanized with zinc, which is said to make it more powerful. If anything, the zinc coating prevents any chance of corrosion. The powder-coated finish will not rot, flake, warp, or peel. 

It has been proven to withstand the toughest weather conditions without the slightest problem. In addition, Colorbond steel is fire-rated, which means it can significantly slow down the progress of a fire. This can be a lifesaving attribute in areas prone to bushfires, buying homeowners valuable time to evacuate from a raging fire situation. 


Timber fences need touch ups every now and then. You might have to put up an extra layer of paint, oil, or varnish. You will also need to apply sealants time and again to prevent water damage. All these efforts add up to extra costs and time investment to fence duties. 

Colorbond is maintenance free

 You don’t have to do any maintenance with Colorbond fences, except probably an occasional wash with soap water. The paint is ingrained in the texture of the metal. So, there is no question of it peeling off. 


Timber has horizontal slats, and this makes it vulnerable to security breaches. Intruders can easily gain a foothold and climb over it. Besides, timber can be snapped easily with a small electric saw. 

Colorbond is more secure

The tall height and the absence of footholds make it practically impossible to scale Colorbond fencing. There are no vertical gaps in between panels, ensuring that you enjoy your backyard privacy. 

If you require Colorbond fencing, then look no further than JM Fencing, Perth’s fencing experts with over 40 years of experience.